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11 Liz Taylor Things It Was Fun To Watch & Read While "Liz And Dick" Was On

1. Elizabeth Taylor as Helen Burns in the 1943 version of Jane Eyre.

The movie, which had Orson Wells as Mr. Rochester and Joan Fontaine as Jane Eyre, was made when Taylor was 11. It was filmed right before National Velvet made her famous. Just a year before, a casting director at another studio had complained, "Her eyes are too old, she doesn't have the face of a child." About this role, a biographer writes: "So tiny was her part, as one of the classmates of young Jane (Peggy Ann Garner), that she got no billing on the credits; and years later when she wanted her own [...]


Elizabeth Taylor, As We Remember Her

Elizabeth Taylor—Oscar winner, legend, crusading fundraiser (who raised tens of millions of dollars for HIV prevention, treatment and advocacy) and also genetic mutant—has passed away, at the surprisingly tender age of 79.


Elizabeth Taylor and AIDS: A Brief History of the 80s

Elizabeth Taylor turned 49 in 1981, and she had behind her six marriages and 55 feature films. In November of that year, she would appear on daytime soap "General Hospital" as a mysterious widow. She was also in the final year of her marriage to Republican Congressman John Warner of Virginia. "The Republican women told me, 'You simply cannot wear the purple pantsuit you've been campaigning in anymore,'" she told Michael Kors, later, in Harpers Bazaar. "I ended up in a tweed suit. Me. Little tweed suits. What I won't do for love."

By 1985, after a divorce and a stint in rehab, the actress had fashioned herself into [...]


Larry King: Tied with Liz Taylor for Divorces

Larry King, baby. He's still got it! He has filed for divorce number EIGHT. I don't even know how that happens to a human being! Or at least, one who isn't Elizabeth Taylor. They are now tied: eight divorces and seven spouses each, because yes, both of them double-dipped at one point. (I mean, obvs, it was Richard Burton. I would have married that twice too.) Larry, by the way, is 76, and Taylor is 78. Now comes my obligatory comment about the sanctity of heterosexual marriage. Phew, that's taken care of! And in closing, really… wow. Speaking as an abortion-loving Godless homosexual, even I am impressed, Mr. [...]