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Who Will Be the Wrongest Pundit of Them All?

You have until midnight tonight to get in your bets for The Awl 2012 Electoral College Pool. WHO WILL WIN? Maybe Mitt Romney. Maybe you! Maybe both you and Mitt Romney.

In the name of accountability, here's your one-stop shop for taunting the punditocracy after the election. Here are assertions from notable pundits about who will win the actual electoral college betting pool.

Romney Wins

Walter Kirn, political correspondent for the New Republic, believes from his time on the road that the polls and the analysts are going down.

Being out there and chatting and seeingtells me this election will be the pollsters and quants HMS Titanic moment.


Let's Do This Thing! It's Election Night! Let's Meet and Discuss!

You guys, I'm literally ill with excitement. Tonight is that magical night when the punditry cycle is silenced—okay, briefly muted—by actual facts and events! It all begins now. Obviously we are all grown-ups so we know that the exit polling numbers are just for giggles. We pay them no mind. Also obviously, tonight we are watching, with great interest: Nevada (10 p.m.), Florida (polls close at 7 p.m.), Delaware (polls close at 8, also just for laffs), and California, (11 p.m.). Also at about 9:01 p.m., Carl Paladino's ass should be handed to him and we can all move into a stage of missing him then forgetting him. What [...]