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Is Andre 3000 Better At Rap Than Biggie Was?

I have long been a proponent of the idea that the Notorious B.I.G. is the best rapper of all-time. (This after having long been a proponent of the idea that Rakim was the best rapper of all-time. I have been proponentizing for a long time. I am very, very old.) But I am starting to consider a different idea. Is Andre 3000 the best rapper of all-time? I think he might be! The body of work he amassed with his partner Big Boi across the six OutKast albums that came out between 1994 and 2006 already made for a strong case—Andre expanded the breadth of rap-lyric subject matter with [...]


El-P Raps Live On Letterman

You know you're doing good when noted rap expert David Letterman exclaims, "You got something there." If this performance is any indication, El-P's new album, Cancer 4 Cure, will be something to get when it comes out next week, and the concert tour that he announced yesterday ought to be a barn-burner.


A Brief Guide to the New New York Rap

An artist out of Brooklyn by the name of Mr. Muthafuckin' eXquire has his borough in his blood—a little of Biggie's deep-lunged authority comes through in his style, and a little of Ol' Dirty Bastard's unhinged perviness, too—and he has an underground hit on his hands with a song called "Huzzah," which was produced by the death-obsessed hardcore veteran Necro. For the remix, he gathered an impressive collection of avant garde MCs—Queens' Despot, Detroit's Danny Brown, hometown faves Das Racist, and the venerable Def Jux Records founder El-P (who wears a large mustache and reminds us again how terrific and ahead-of-its-time his old group Company Flow [...]


El-P, "Stay Down"

The new El-P video is good. His album Cancer 4 Cure is one of the two best rap albums released so far this year, I think. The other one is Killer Mike's R.A.P. Music, which El-P produced. And since El-P has said, wittily and correctly, "I swear to God I could make a beat with a banjo and a church organ only and someone will call it 'dystopian sci-fi'," I will take this opportunity to tell you that scientists have discovered a planet with four suns. (That's not "fi," I guess, but is is "sci.") But FOUR suns! I hope they have really, really awesome blackout [...]


Year's Best Rap Concert Poster Honors Maurice Sendak

Here is a promotional poster for the joint tour just announced by Brooklyn rapper/producer El-P and Atlanta rapper Killer Mike. El-P produced Killer Mike's highly acclaimed new album, R.A.P., which came out today and is sounding excellent on my iTunes as I type. The opening acts will be Mr. Motherfucking Exquire and Despot. So expect a rendition of last year's super-awesome "Huzzah" remix to stop every show. Who does that Wild Thing look so much like? It's like a "Crank Yankers" muppet of Vic Tayback or something.


El-P, "Time Won't Tell"

I'm not always a big one for instrumental music. My mind starts to wander if someone isn't singing or shouting at me. But this track from rapper/producer/Def Jux Records founder El-P is excellent in a way that would be like if Dan the Automator had gotten Dave Pajo to play on the Dr. Octagon album. And the video, directed by Shan Nelson, is really terrific, too.


Killer Mike And El-P, "Butane"

I was lucky enough to have been at Santos Party House on Monday night, where this great thing happened when Killer Mike came onstage at the release party for El-P's new album Cancer 4 Cure. They were going to perform a song called "Butane"—a duet from Killer Mike's new album, R.A.P. Music, which El-P produced—but there was a glitch with the music equipment. It turned out that El-P didn't have the R.A.P. Music instrumental tracks with him. So they did it a capella, and it ended up being even better that way. The whole concert was excellent. (I know I have been going on about these [...]


El-P, "Drone"

"i swear to god i could make a beat with a banjo and a church organ only and someone will call it 'dystopian sci fi'." —A couple weeks ago, rapper/producer and Def Jux Records founder El-P wrote a funny and true tweet about the cliches that critics use to describe his work. But with stuff like this new trailer video for his forthcoming album Cancer 4 Cure, can he really blame them? Not that I mind at all. I like dystopian sci-fi.