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Marc Andreessen and the Inevitability of Catastrophic Ideas

Greed is right, greed works… Greed, in all of its forms; greed for life, for money, for love, knowledge has marked the upward surge of mankind. And greed, you mark my words, will not only save Teldar Paper, but that other malfunctioning corporation called the USA. Thank you very much. — Michael Douglas in the character of Gordon Gekko, in Wall Street c

Gordon Gekko was meant to be a villain, but he became a plutocratic folk hero. There has been greed enough in the last thirty-seven years, surely, to have transformed the USA into a positive utopia according to the Gekko formula, with prosperity for all.


Egg Blue

They say this egg is blue because of "a harmless-to-humans viral infection," but I think we all know how how these things end up. Well, we had a good run.


NYC Backyard Chicken Eggs Chock Full Of Lead

"Preliminary results from a New York State study show that more than half of the eggs tested from chickens kept in community gardens in Brooklyn, Bronx and Queens had detectable levels of lead, unlike their store-bought counterparts. While lead is a naturally occurring element that is gets ingested in a variety of ways, it has been well established to be harmful to humans, even in very low quantities." —Locavores add another natural nutrient to their diets.


Egg Bad

Hahahaha, "ova non grata."


Egg Small

Is this the world's smallest egg? Sure, why the hell not.


Poultry Specialists Urge Calm In Giant Egg Crisis

Here you will find a picture of a giant egg laid by a chicken in Iowa. Before you panic, please take note: "An egg approaching that size is unusual, but not unheard of, egg experts said." [Via]


Eggs, Pretty Much Everything Else, Bad For You

You know what I'm hungry for today? Some Science pegged to the return of the McRib. Serve it up, Science!

Three physicians want you to know egg yolks are bad for your health. They're spreading their message by comparing the amount of cholesterol in a single egg yolk to popular fast food creations. One egg yolk contains 215-275 mg of cholesterol, depending on size, more than the Double Down's 150 mg and the Thickburger's 210 mg. The resurgent McRib has 70 mg of cholesterol.

The trio is also warning about the amount of propaganda and pro-egg disinformation Big Unfertilized Chicken Embryo is putting out there. But as [...]


Lies My Breakfast Told Me

Can you trust the color of the yolks in your eggs? No you can not. Everything you know is a lie, and everyone you know is a liar, and everything that happens to you happens to relieve you of your money, love or time. If you don't know what the scam is, you're the sap. It's all BUNK, buddy. All of it. Stay drunk and die young.


Eggcrime Island

"It’s very rare in the U.K. to have a national police operation of this kind. The others are for drug trafficking, human trafficking, and football hooliganism." —You can try to guess but it is probably just easier to click and see.


Egg Circley

Here you will find a photo of an "incredibly rare egg that is perfectly round."


Story About Eggs Boiled In Urine Gives Reporter Multiple Opportunities To Say "Urine"

Yes, urine!


Eggs, In Order

10. Soft boiled 9. Poached 8. Coddled 7. Deviled 6. Hard boiled 5. Sunny side up 4. Shirred 3. Fried 2. Scrambled 1. Omeletted

Earlier: Pizza Toppings, In Order

Photo by ilolab, via Shutterstock


Eggs Excite Squid and Also, Not Really Relatedly, Paul Newman Can Eat 50 Eggs!

"Mild-mannered male squid turn into furious fighting machines when their tentacles brush a chemical on the surface of squid eggs, a finding that could give insights into how aggression works." —If you've ever wondered how or why the guys in Cool Hand Luke somehow turned eating eggs into the ultimate challenge of competitive machismo (I have always marveled—it's so great!), a recent study of squid behavior may point to an answer. Eggs. They tap into some deep Iron John type stuff.


Go To Work On An Egg… AND DIE

I made bucatini carbonara last night-someday I'll share the recipe!-so I was a little freaked out this morning to hear about the absolutely massive recall of salmonella-tainted eggs. Then I remembered I'm bulletproof, and the gypsy woman told me the only way I would ever die was being run down by a bike delivery guy. The rest of you might want to watch out, though.


Bubblegum Snail Eggs Not As Appealing As They Look

Man, I love that yat accent. Anyway, hurry up, southeast Louisiana, eat these snails before their eggs eat you.


Fame-Averse Egg-Tosser Hopes To Maintain Her Anonymity By Writing Bylined Piece In The Guardian

"On Saturday evening, after serious consideration, I decided to make a little act of protest about something that matters profoundly to me. Before any explanation of that gesture, I'd like to apologise unequivocally to Richard and Adam, the contestants whose performance I disrupted; I was planning to do it once the song finished, but I got a bit nervous and went slightly early. I sincerely apologise for overshadowing their moment and to anyone watching and in the live audience who felt that their evening's entertainment was marred, or even ruined. However, I am not sorry for pelting Simon Cowell with eggs.

I have no desire to be famous [...]


Eggs Gorgoroth

I invented something delicious in my kitchen yesterday, which is not something that happens very often. I like eating food, and reading and watching TV shows about food, but I am not a great chef. This invention, however, was so delicious that it made me feel like Marcus Samuelsson. It's an eggs dish, a scramble, and totally simple. I'll share the recipe with you so you can feel like Marcus Samuelsson, too. (It's hardly worth the word "recipe," in fact.) Do you like picked herring?


Egg Big

"A Colombian farmer is hoping to make it into the record books after one of his chickens laid a giant egg. The egg, which at 8.6oz is about four times the average size, was laid by a hearty hen named Franciscana." There is, for some reason, video accompanying this story. It sports a rather jaunty soundtrack.


If You Like Boiled Eggs Here Is How Long You Should Boil Them For

It takes six minutes to make the perfect boiled egg.


Knifecrime Island Shoppers Do Bad Things

The levels of rudeness among British shoppers have apparently reached epidemic proportions: "A few examples from my local supermarket. Over Christmas, a punch-up broke out in a queue after one customer accused another of pushing in. A few weeks before that, the supermarket banned the sale of eggs to customers under the age of 16, because so many were buying them in bulk, going outside and then hurling them at the walls and each other. Another time, my parents, visiting from Scotland, witnessed two teenage boys chasing another around the aisles; while running at full speed, the one being chased was yelling into his mobile for reinforcements." It's grim!