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Eels, "Mistakes Of My Youth"

When I am in one of my more positive frames of mind I like to tell myself to focus on how remarkable it is that Eels have actually been able to be as big as they are rather than wondering what it says about the world that they aren't bigger. Either way, I am glad they're still at it. Sometimes just sticking around is a victory. Enjoy. [Via]


Eels, "Agatha Chang"

Are Eels the most underrated band of the last 20 years? That's a tough call to make, because everyone has their own opinion on who is rated how and whether or not they deserve it, so I will just say that, for me, Eels are probably the most underrated band of the last 20 years in that sense that, in a world more to my liking, they would be one of the biggest things going, but I fully recognize that a world more to my liking would be one in which the celebration of various arts would almost certainly be more focused on work that tended toward the less [...]


New Eels Record In June!

Awl Business Manager David Cho feels like we should be skewing younger, particularly in regards to pop culture items, so he will be displeased to find that I am linking to the first video from the forthcoming Eels record Hombre Lobo, but whatever, I like Eels, and werewolves, and nobody sent me the new Rick Ross jam. So there.