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Earth Day In The Metropolis

Adults, kids and corporations alike gather at Union Square to celebrate Earth Day in the only way that remains: with free stuff.


Earth Day: We're Doing Our Part

In honor of Earth Day 2010, The Awl has decided to help the environment by going completely paperless today. So don't print anything out that you see here until tomorrow, okay? I also personally pledge not to piss on any trees this evening, no matter how drunk I am or how full my bladder. Plus, we're going to make all our slugs ("This Just In," What A World," etc.) green, to symbolize our commitment to nature. I think if we all pull together we can really make some positive changes that will help save the planet. Please share your earth-friendly solutions below! Do remember that using the caps lock [...]


Earth Day Sucks But Since It Exists Let's Watch Neil Young Play Electric Guitar

I am generally anti-holiday. I think it does us more harm than good to assign ourselves special days to do things or commemorate things at exactly the same time as everyone else is supposed to be doing them or commemorating them. I know the counter argument is like, "celebrating holidays is part of what binds us together as a society" or whatever. (Or, even better, "Shut up, Dave. And lighten up. And how about just think of someone besides yourself for once in your life and buy a goddamn gift.") But I don't like the way that holidays prescribe is a certain time to be doing certain things. [...]