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"After the British tourist returned from a vacation in Peru earlier this year, she started experiencing headaches, shooting pains down the side of her face and an unexplained discharge from one ear. Those symptoms, plus the bizarre scratching sounds she continued hearing, prompted Harris to visit a doctor soon after her return to England. Though doctors at first dismissed the symptoms as nothing more than an ear infection, specialists soon made a startling discovery:" Sadly, it wasn't that her ear was haunted.


Is That A Spider In Your Ear Or Are You… No, It's A Spider In Your Ear

"It later emerged the spider had probably been living in the woman’s ear canal for up to five days, that it may have crawled in while she slept in her home during renovations." —Unsettlingly, there is a photo.


Do Not Stick The Following Things Into Your Ear

Things not to insert into your ear canal: ear spoons, picks, toy swords, bobby pins, and car keys. I imagine there are others, but this seems like a good start.


Ear Tells All

"Police in Germany said on Sunday they had solved a series of 96 burglaries by identifying the culprit using the earprints he had left at the scenes while listening at doors.