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Questions We Ask the Oldest People

Can you imagine reading a story like this about yourself? A 111-year-old retired Japanese educator who enjoys poetry has been recognized as the world's oldest living man…

Asked how he felt about the record, Momoi pushed his back upright and said he wants to live longer.

"Say, another two years," he said.

Momoi said he enjoys reading books, especially Chinese poetry, and sometimes practices calligraphy.

He said there is no special trick for his longevity, but his caregivers say Momoi keeps early hours and eats healthy, according to NHK public television.

It's always the same pattern with these wire stories:

Oldest person, do you think you have long [...]


Today Is A Good Day To Listen To Etta James Sing

Sad news this weekend that Etta James is dying of leukemia. Hers is one of the greatest voices for the singing of rock n' roll, if not the the greatest voice for the singing of rock n' roll, that anyone has ever heard. As evidenced by the above, February, 1966 performance from the TV show "The! Beat!" She goes first and last.


Anthony Lane at Eurovision

Well, here's a convincing argument to get you to subscribe to the New Yorker, if somehow you don't: Anthony Lane, on Eurovision, behind the paywall. Can you stand not to pay to read it? Really? Here's two little bits that can't fail to get your e-wallet open (if you are anything like me, which of course you are).