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Ferguson, Missouri, According to Drudge

"Today Matt Drudge can influence the news like Walter Cronkite did," Mark Halperin said in a 2006 interview promoting his new book, cowritten with John Harris, who had not yet founded Politico. "If Drudge says something, it may not lead everybody instantly in the same direction, but it gets people thinking about what Matt Drudge wants them to think about." A late entry in the literature of the Drudge mythology, but a representative one: Drudge drives the news! All hail Drudge, the rascal.

Eight years later, his site looks and feels the same. The same people read it: The establishment crew maybe a little less; the paranoiacs maybe a [...]


How To Make It On The Internet, Explained!

This in-house LA Times memo explains how to make it on the Internet. Two big stories blew away some previous benchmarks, it sounds like. One was the story about Obama bowing in Japan! That is because it was in 48pt type on Drudge, and was the biggest traffic day for the paper's Top of the Ticket blog ever, which covers, like Obama and stuff. Fancy that. The other traffic winner was about a bunch of local sports on Saturday. The future of newspapering, according to Tony Pierce, the LAT's blog editor? "So yes you should post on weekends. Yes you should post in the middle of the night."


Internet Writer Has Opinion On Value Of Internet Website

Before the entire economy of Earth collapsed, online reporters who covered the exciting world of "blogs with banner ads" enjoyed speculating on the value of various websites run by a couple of clever weirdos here and there. Was Gawker Media worth more than General Electric? Had eclipsed Disney in valuation? Etc. Well, the economy must finally be "great again," because there's a new Business Insider post claiming Matt Drudge's web page is worth "$150 million to $375 million."


Geno, shh!

What'd they do, put gloves on him? (Get it? Because Italians talk with their hands? Hahaha. Just kidding, our thoughts go out to the victims of this terrible tragedy.)