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iLoveMakonnen ft. Drake, "Club Goin Up on a Tuesday"

This is an unusual song, constitutionally. Atlanta upstart iLoveMakonnen (Makonnen Sheran) released a video for his track, "Club Goin Up On A Tuesday," last month, and it was a hit. Not huge, but it got noticed. Quite noticed! So Drake shows up to guest on a remix of the same track. He doesn't bigfoot, though: he sings with deference to Sheran's style, almost in Sheran's style, higher and smoother than we've really heard him before.


A$AP Rocky With 2 Chainz, Kendrick Lamar And Drake, "F***in' Problems"

I bring you this new A$AP Rocky video sadly. Not because it's not good. I really like it, actually. It's just that, well, it features guest performances from three of the hottest stars in rap music—Atlanta's 2 Chainz, L.A.'s Kendrick Lamar and Toronto's Drake—and Drake's is, okay, hands-down the best part of the song. Check out the 24-second, 95-word riff he spins off the phrase "I know you love it when this beat is on" that starts at the 1:40 mark. Written in tight iambic pentameter, it's clever and well-thought-out and infectious and just… God damn it! I hate Drake. He is about the least attractive personality to [...]


Penisless Spiders, Hip-hop Artists Fight Over Women

"The eunuch males are better fighters because they are lighter and they have an increased endurance. They try to prevent the other males from mating with the female." —National University of Singapore arachnologist Daiqin Li discusses his findings that male spiders castrate themselves after sex with females in order to better fight off rival suiters. This contradicts the recent findings of Matjaz Kuntner of the Slovenian Academy of Sciences. (And makes me a little worried about the lengths the two competing professors might go to in defense of their theories.) Also, last night at the Manhattan Club The Greenhouse, Chris Brown sent a bottle of champagne to [...]


"Make Me Proud": Does Drake Actually Care About Women?

Aubrey “Drake” Graham released his sophomore album, Take Care, the other week. On it, Drake talks about many women, and sometimes a single woman, and all the ways they’ve hurt and mistreated the rapper-singer from Toronto. And, of course, there is one song on the album he reserves to sing directly to the ladies. It’s called “Make Me Proud"—and it’s his requisite Song for Women.

It's hard to think of a current rapper who’s gotten as much out of this tradition as Drake, the 25 year old who is “hip-hop’s current center of gravity.” The Song For Women is not a new staple in hip hop—go back [...]


Lil B's Big Gay Album And The Current Marvin Gaye Moment In Rap

"I'm ready to give up my old thoughts/I'ma move past what a saw/I'ma do what a want and be happy/I'm not gonna rob or kill to survive/Everything I seen was a lie/I'm not ready to die/I love myself…" — Lil B, "I Hate Myself."

"Evolve already," said the button Dan Savage wore to a Gay Pride reception at the White House last night. Well? Oakland rapper Lil B, at least, seems to be listening. His new album, I'm Gay (I'm Happy) came out yesterday on iTunes. I've been listening to it this morning, and it sounds really good.


You Say Hipster R&B, I Say Nappy-Headed Pop. Either Way, It's Offensive.

Two new projects are sparking a lot of discussion right now about the current state of R&B. The first is by The Weeknd, a mysterious singer (or group?) who has enjoyed a quick rise to critical-darling status since releasing the free debut album House of Balloons last week. The second is by Frank Ocean, the lone singer in Rap Group of the Moment, Odd Future. Ocean's album, nostalgia,Ultra, also excellent, also free, came out mere weeks before The Weeknd's project, so the two acts are getting joined together as poster children for what's being called a new wave of R&B. The terms being thrown around to describe this new [...]


The Drake And Hanson Riot At South Street Seaport

Around 2 or 3 p.m. yesterday, a large group of teens started congregating around the South Street Seaport. They were milling around waiting for the start of a free concert by the rapper Drake (whose album came out/"dropped" yesterday). Unfortunately for them, and the rest of us that showed up, that concert never happened, and what did ensue was a weird riot-type thing that resulted in metal chairs and tables being thrown off balconies and police having to eventually spray the crowd with mace.


Ban Drake

"I had lunch the other day with someone I extremely look up to. Okay—I had lunch with Will Smith, and listening to him talk, it made me think I don’t know what love is." I think Drake is legitimately disgusting.


Meek Mill With Drake And Jeremih, "Amen"

“My plea to you is to turn from sin, turn from blasphemy, turn from unrighteousness, that you’re purporting in your music—turn to Jesus Christ and receive eternal life. It doesn’t matter how much money you get, without Jesus Christ you will be lost eternally.” —Another reason to like young Philadelphian rapper Meek Mill: a local pastor, Jomo K. Johnson, has called for a boycott of his music because he says the song "Amen" is blasphemous.


Drake's "HYFR": Whose Bar Mitzvah Is It Anyway?

The text at the beginning of Drake's video for "HYFR"—"On October 24th 2011 Aubrey 'Drake' Graham chose to get re-bar mitzvah'd as a re-commitment to the Jewish religion … the following is a clip displaying the event that took place"—can be taken as seriously or sardonically as you want. Drake's much-anticipated "bar mitzvah" video, released on the first night of Passover, was originally hyped on the web as a "re-creation" of his original childhood ceremony. We get actual footage from baby Drake’s celebration at the intro, but beyond that, this is a music video staged at a bar mitzvah. If we hadn’t been told in advance that it means [...]


Why We Should Not Build Self-Conscious Robots

"We should not unnecessarily increase the amount of conscious suffering in the universe." —Philosopher Thomas Metzinger of Johannes Gutenberg University in Mainz, Germany, on his call for "an immediate moratorium on efforts to make robots with emotions until ethics are properly discussed," as reported by Virginia Hughes at The Last Word On Nothing. We should also not make robots with emotions because they would probably sound like Drake.


Early Drafts Of The First Part Of The Line "I've Had Sex Four Times This Week I'll Explain/Having A Hard Time Adjusting To Fame…" From Drake's New Song

1) I've had ice-cream four times this week 2) I've had diarrhea four times this week 3) I saw Something Borrowed in the theater twice


The Secret Kanye West Show at The Box Last Night

Sometime around when he joined Twitter, Kanye West started something called "The Rosewood Movement." Before last night, this was widely accepted as just an excuse for Kanye and his friends to wear nice suits and to have a name for being all-around classy guys. As it turns out, the "Movement" is more than that. In a "secret" and private party at The Box last night, Kanye West and John Legend performed what they called the first in a series of intimate concerts. The only caveat for the attendees was that they all wear formal attire-specifically, that all the gentlemen in attendance wear suits and "hard bottoms," more commonly known [...]


Radio Station Annoys Man Sitting In Car

I sat in a parked car for an hour this morning, waiting out the no-parking-for-street-cleaning window, listening to Hot 97. I know they're basically a top-40 station, dedicated to whatever's currently most popular in "blazing hip-hop and R&B." But, God, I wish they'd expand their playlist. It really seems like they keep to a rotation of the same five or six songs at any given time. (Maybe they're a top-5 station?) Today, for example, they played Fabolous' "Throw It In The Bag" remix, featuring Drake, around 8:45, and then again at exactly 9:24. Twice in forty minutes! That's ridiculous. (The most recent playlist at has "Throw It [...]


Inspirational Drake: Because Getting A Forehead Tattoo Is Too Much

A series on the stuff that delighted us on the Internet this year.

This year everyone one was saying (again!) that the Internet is a nice place to hang out. Listen, I grew up as the Internet grew up, and between the mystery AIM screen names we used to bully each other, the group Xangas where we trashed our friends, and the real life Gossip Girl clones and college slut-shaming sites that popped up as I grew up, I know that the Internet can never be a nice place. Also, I'm not sure what Internet everyone else has been using, but my Internet in 2012 was filled with [...]


Rihanna Just Like Helen Of Troy, Says Lawyer

“She’s been known, like Helen of Troy, to cause trouble." —That's NBA star Tony Parker's lawyer, David Jaroslawicz, saying that ridiculous thing about Rihanna as he filed a $20 million lawsuit against Manhattan Club W.I.P. for letting Drake and Chris Brown inside at the same time, when, Jaroslawicz says, had the owners been reading Bossip like they should have been, they would have known that Drake and Brown are rivals for the affection of Rihanna, so that there was a strong chance that a brawl would erupt when Chris Brown sent Drake's table a bottle of champagne that was actually filled with Greek soldiers. Parker got a piece [...]


Mary J. Blige Featuring Drake, "Mr. Wrong"

It's rare to hear a R&B/rap duet wherein the singing part serves as the hard side of the hard/soft dynamic. Usually it's the other way around. But this is Drake and Mary J. Blige we're talking about, so here we are. Now, I strongly dislike Drake. (That could be a Morrissey song, "Drake, I Dislike You.") Even though I think he is an interesting writer and he raps well. And that makes me like this song even more.


Cee-Lo Green, "Cry Baby"

Is that Drake, in the pink shirt, tan sweater vest and bow-tie, dancing next to Jaleel White in Cee-Lo's new video? It almost could be, right?


Jogging With The New F***ed Up Album

I was jogging by the East River this morning, listening to David Comes to Life, the new album by the Toronto rock band called Fucked Up, marveling at how awesome it is, how the drumming is like a stampede of wild horses, and how well the band's guitarists (there are three of them, like Molly Hatchet) hone and manipulate these giant waves of feedback and distortion, thinking that the sound reminds me more of Husker Du than anything I've heard since Husker Du, and that, if these guys had come out when I was in college, I would have probably wanted to tattoo some sort of sworn allegiance to [...]


Today Is the Day I Finally Trashed All Those Drake MP3s

December 27, 2009: The day I imported Drake's "So Far Gone" into my iTunes. June 17, 2010: The day I finally deleted it, because it's really not good! And it's annoying! And I don't like it at all! And every time it comes on my iTunes on shuffle, I fast-forward! What is the deal with Drake and his popularity? It's kind of garbage!