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The Internet Terror Phone

Walk down Broadway, past Canal, past banks and furniture stores, Mr. Fashion and sneaker shops and condos, old then new, brick then steel, until the buildings grow taller and begin to take up entire blocks. Turn right at the unopened Pret, across from the McDonald’s, down Thomas Street, a one-way single-lane. Look up. You can’t miss it: A monolith, brutalist, granite armored, its skeleton colossal slats of moulded concrete. It is said to feature the largest blank facade in the world. The building’s six turrets contain air ducts, a whole mess of ventilation for whatever is inside. Whatever is inside—that’s the question.

There are no windows, there are barely [...]


Tabloid Unveils Handy 9/11 Body Part Map! (And We Improved It)

The New York Post goes big on 9/10 glory with this map that explains where all the human remains were found downtown on 9/11. This isn't just a public service-it's also an argument about the appropriateness of having religious and community centers located downtown. Well we made their map better. Human remains: YOU'RE SHOPPING IN IT. You're BOXING IN IT. You're DRINKING IN IT and ATTENDING CUNY IN IT and you're GOLDMAN SACHSING IN IT.


Diversion Tactics

1. Back in May, at around 2 o'clock in the afternoon, a man stopped me on a busy street in the Financial District of New York City. We were under blue scaffolding, partially shaded from the bright, sunny day. He motioned for me to take my headphones out of my ears—a Strokes song was playing—and after I did, he said in a low tone, "Give me your phone and your wallet."

2. I smiled. I tried to move out of his way. He got into my way again.

3. I asked, "Are you joking?"

4. He poked me in my side. I looked down and saw the barrel [...]


The End of the 00s: Decade of Suck, by Regina Schrambling

Hate to infringe on Rudy's trademark, but of course the memory cached in my cranial sieve is from right after 9/11. I was out traipsing around the city for a Times story on how restaurants were recovering, and on that Sunday I passed the Odeon on West Broadway. Almost every sidewalk table was occupied, with shiny, happy people swigging mimosas in the sun, literally blocks from the reeking fire. The scene made my lead as a sign of hope, and the owner called to thank me for helping business, but as time's gone by, the reality has looked grim. Those blithe brunchers were ingesting incinerated human beings with their OJ. [...]


A Report from the Occupation of Wall Street

Zuccotti Park is a well-manicured, block-long park in the heart of New York City’s financial district that, for the past two days, has been home to a few hundred squatters, anarchists, activists, students, a few drug addicts, several undercover cops and one lone man in a suit. Alternately calling themselves Occupy Wall Street or Take Wall Street or the 99%, they have set up camp, spending the night on rolls of cardboard, yoga mats and bare concrete, as a protest against the abuses carried out by various financial institutions and banks against the people of this country.

The protest, loosely organized by Adbusters and the internet activist group [...]


Let's Put That Wall Back Up On Wall Street And Call It A Day

You know what's like even the 24th or 25th worst thing of the maybe 12,000 horrible things about 9/11? The insane inability of any New York state and city agency to reach and then keep to a decision about anything related to lower Manhattan. IT IS 2009! And they are squabbling about sites for the planned performing arts center now, and Jesus, what a mess. This is actually one of the ways in which Bloomberg is most vulnerable in next week's election, if only anyone was running against him.