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The Facts About The Doritos® Locos Taco—And About An American Hero

With any luck, when the origin myth of the Doritos® Locos Taco is whispered to schoolchildren generations from now, they will know the name Todd Mills. He was an Air Force vet, a former Bill Clinton escort (y’know, the good kind), a father of two, and one among possibly thousands of Americans who dreamed drooly dreams about the marriage between two American icons of chemical gastronomy.

The only difference is that Mills—who passed away on Thanksgiving morning at age 41—did something about it. In recent days, he's been hailed as a dreamer and a crusader—but what you've heard is only half the story.

The saga starts four [...]


How To Make A Dorito Salad

Skip ahead to the 1:50 mark on this video if you want to learn how to make a Dorito salad, but be warned: You will miss the brief discussion of such SEC-style haircuts as "'Bama bangs" and "the rape mullet." [Via]


Arch West, 1914-2011

Anyone attempting to rob the grave of the late Frito-Lay executive Arch West will get the same unpleasant surprise as millions of Americans have when they've lifted up the cushions in the couch in the TV room while looking for quarters to do laundry or tip a pizza delivery guy. West, who died on Tuesday in Dallas at the age of 97, invented Doritos, and when he is buried this weekend, according to a statement issued by his daughter, his family will honor him by "tossing Doritos chips in before they put the dirt over the urn." (Also, though, in light of this Doritos commercial from a [...]


Hope you already had breakfast!

How your Doritos "flavor dust" is made: "In its original solid state, the dust acts like one of those grotesque squeezey desk toys. If you poke it, the dent very slowly un-dents itself. When taken out of its bag and laid on the (whatever machine/conveyor belt apparatus it goes into), it gradually tries to flatten itself. It wants to be a liquid, a puddle, and slowly creeps into a wider, flatter lump. My brother swore it would emit little sighs as it did this."


Taco Bell Turns Doritos Into Sorta-Mexican Sorta-Food Through The Power Of Synergy

How can Taco Bell's $2 meal deal, in which one can get a burrito or taco plus a soda and a bag of Doritos for the recession-friendly sum of two (or eight, if you have to pay with change) Washingtons, exist? "The 150 million bags of Doritos it expects to sell this year will come from former parent and current supplier PepsiCo. Beverages typically cost chains pennies on the retail dollar." And then there is the delicate matter of the stuffings that fill said cheapo gorditas and cut-rate tacos, which are low-cost (and low-other things!) enough to keep other items on the menu at sub-dollar price points.