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How Do You Feel About Melissa Leo?

Something about Melissa Leo rubs me the wrong way, and unlike those times you pretend you don't know why or can't quite put your finger on it or whatever I will say exactly what the something is that is responsible for the wrong-rubbing: her "self-commissioned For Your Consideration ad campaign [for the 2011 Best Supporting Actress Oscar]." Remember that, when she paid for her own ads asking people to vote for her for an Oscar? This profile of Leo by Doree Shafrir posits that my discomfort was in part inspired by the fact that "Leo had so brazenly deviated from [...]


When Pets Die

Are you in a happy mood this morning? Then you might want to skip right over these essays by Awl pals Doree Shafrir and Anna Holmes about the death of pets. Both dogs and cats are represented, so there's something to cry about here for everyone.


Last Night: PEN Gala, Hole

Last evening, Marisa Meltzer and Doree Shafrir went to the 2010 PEN Literary Gala at the American Museum of Natural History and then made their way to Terminal 5 to see a performance by the rock group Hole.

Doree: I feel like last night was sort of a quintessential weird New York night. I had so much fun.

Marisa: Me too. I was sick all weekend And then I was like, "Oh, I'll just go out and have one glass of wine. Maybe two!" And then I ended up having like six and getting home at 3 AM.

Doree: And next thing you know you're at a party [...]


The End of the 00s: The Life of the Party, by Doree Shafrir

It was 2004. We lived in Philadelphia. I'd bought a house in June on South 13th Street, in a neighborhood that had at one time been nearly all Italian but was now a mix of Mexicans, gays, Vietnamese, and Urban Outfitters employees. Real estate was cheap. I had an adjustable-rate mortgage. I rented out the downstairs apartment to a costume designer with bad credit and Moe moved into my second bedroom upstairs. I worked at an alt-weekly and rode a bike.


Of Dogs And Laughter

"The stuff that happens in early childhood, before you're three years old, you know, that's who you're dealing with when you're dealing with petulant adults, is somebody wasn't smart enough with their three-year-old. And who really knows how to get everything right with a three-year-old? So, you know, that's the history of violence and insanity in the world at large: mothers who can't really comprehend what they're doing to a three-year-old. And why would they be able to? Probably people not getting more sane anytime soon." -Comedy legend Merrill Markoe talks to Doree Shafrir about movies, dogs, and, uh, comedy. It's very good!


Hiram S. Thomas, The Troublesome Colored Man of Fort Greene

"The residents of Fort Greene Place, between Hanson Place and Lafayette Avenue, Brooklyn, have been greatly perturbed of late, as it was whispered among the neighbors that a colored man had purchased a house in that very select block." Thus began an article in the October 1, 1894 edition of The New York Times titled "They Want No Colored Neighbor."


The First Video That Meant Something To Me: Mötley Crüe's "Home Sweet Home"

I was probably 8 when I saw Mötley Crüe's video for "Home Sweet Home" for the first time—we got cable around 1986—but in the mid-80s MTV was playing it in heavy rotation, as they say, so I saw it a lot. And for an 8-year-old there was a lot to process, like that part in the beginning when Vince Neil kisses the crotch of a scantily clad lady on a poster. Also, the concept of the tour bus: It was clear that this was not just an ordinary bus, but rather some sort of magical, mystical lair where Adult Things went down. I did not yet know what I [...]


Women Of Advancing Years Dominate Fashion Mag Covers

"They're cool, fashionable, interesting, compelling — they have something to say. I love that they've grown into their style. One of the things about getting older is you do grow into your sense of self. You don't look victim-y anymore." -Laura Brown, projects/features director at Harper's Bazaar, explains why the covers of all the September issues of fashion magazines are filled with old ladies.


Last Night: The London Review of Books Party

Last evening, Marisa Meltzer and Doree Shafrir went to the 30th anniversary celebration of the London Review of Books.

Marisa: Where do we even begin?

Doree: I think it needs to be said that somewhere there is a party planner who might be losing his/her job.


Doree Returns (To Gawker)

OMG! Following in the footsteps of her mentor, Doree Shafrir-who we all love-is RETURNING TO GAWKER. Hopefully she will bring back the dildo with her!

UPDATE: OOH! And also Richard Lawson! It's like nostalgia or something! Something GOOD!

ALSO: It should be made clear that Doree is only returning as a two-day-a-week contributor. A two-day-a-week contributor, okay? It is apparently very important that we clarify: Doree Shafrir back at Gawker as a two-day-a-week contributor. We hear those days are Thursday and Friday, but whatever days they are, it will only be two of them.


Carroll Gardens, Then And Now

"Unlike many of the burgeoning brownstone revival districts of Brooklyn-Brooklyn Heights, to begin with, then Cobble Hill, then Boerum Hill, now Park Slope-the Carroll Gardens neighborhood (Carroll Park, two blocks away, provides the name) did not require a renaissance," proclaimed New York magazine on Dec. 31, 1974. "Since its first occupancy by Italian families, it has remained in single-family occupancy, by and large. An unrenovated house on President Street might be bought for about $50,000, if (and this is a very big if) one came on the market."

Today, the vestiges of this once almost wholly Italian neighborhood are in the social clubs, behind anonymous doors; restaurants like Sam's, at [...]


This Technically Should Not Count As A Hipster Grifter Post

Doree Shafrir got the worst birthday present ever.


Woman Gets Job

Congratulations to Awl pal Doree Shafrir, who will be leading the cultural coverage at the ever-expanding BuzzFeed.


Who Are You Awl?

Who is the typical Awl commenter? Is it true that you are "Gawker refugees who like to talk about how that site isn't what it used to be?" Do you get "[b]onus points for cleverness?" "When in doubt," should we "assume sarcasm"? There are so many questions! Personally, I think you're all stars! Even those of you with four-digit numbers. Love you guys!


Crazy New Kids On The Block Crazies Go Crazy

DO NOT call fans of New Kids on the Block "digital groupies." Unless you want to get them riled up. In which case, put it right in the headline. They go crazy about that stuff.


How to Cook a Latke

Here's how not to cook a latke: Buy them from Russ & Daughters where the "homemade potato latkes" are $2.99 each, or 10 for $25. TEN LATKES FOR $25? Are you high? Do you know what is in a latke? Also, a reheated latke is a bad latke. Fact! So here, have a seat-no, over there, by the menorah. Have a piece of gelt. Make yourself comfortable.


Sometimes Revenge Is Best Served Immediately

New York Observer owner Jared Kushner: You are laid off, Doree Shafrir. Doree Shafrir: Then I will write in the New Yorker, so why don't you suck it?


How's your mother?

Our pals Doree Shafrir and Jess Grose have been hogging all the press oxygen in the last few weeks with the release of Love, Mom, their collection of funny e-mails and IMs from moms just like yours. Maybe you saw them in Friday's Times? Today, the New Yorker's Lauren Collins gets the fever.