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Will You Spend $10 Right Now To Feel Good About Yourself?

GIVE ME THAT TEN DOLLARS! No, but for real. Today is allegedly youth literacy day and there is literally nothing I like more than literacy. You can send, via text, or even via "mail" I suppose, a donation to 826NYC, which sees 22,000 young people a year. Go on! Try it! "Make a donation of $8.26 on August 26th by texting 'WRITE' to 20222." Or you can PayPal a donation online. DO YOU SEE THAT CHILD CRYING? THAT CHILD IS CRYING BECAUSE SHE IS NOT LITERATE ENOUGH TO READ WEBSITES THAT FANCY LITERARY PEOPLE CAN BE DISMISSIVE ABOUT. HELP HER!


Video Report From Poorly-Marketed Natural Disaster In Pakistan

"Humanitarian organizations cited sparse media coverage globally and the relatively low death toll as the main factors in the slow pace of donations. Other elements, they said, included the preoccupation many nations have right now with their own economic problems, donor fatigue left over from the Haiti earthquake; and the August vacation season, when people are somewhat detached from the world." -Come on, Pakistan. Everyone knows if you want to roll-out a natural disaster that that puts one-fifth of your country (60,000 square miles, an area roughly the size of England) under water, you don't do it in August! Also, if you want to get those [...]