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Dog Maligned

Tom Junod, noted potential fucker of hot forty-two-year-old women, on the American pit bull crisis: Every year, American shelters have to kill about 1.2 million dogs. But both pro- and anti-pit-bull organizations estimate that of these, anywhere from 800,000 to nearly 1 million are pit bulls. We kill anywhere from 2,000 to 3,000 pit bulls a day. They are rising simultaneously in popularity and disposability, becoming something truly American, a popular dog forever poised on the brink of extermination.


Dog Lionized

"Dog shaved to look like lion sparks 911 call in Norfolk." Photo and video on this one, kids!


Dog Looks Like Hitler

This expose of a dog that looks like Hitler helpfully references such previous classics of the genre as "House Looks Like Hitler," "Goldfish Looks Like Hitler," "Kettle Looks Like Hitler," "Cat Looks Like Hitler" and the obscure favorite of hardcore Looks Like Hitler enthusiasts everywhere, "Lotion Bottle Looks Like Hitler." Anyway, here you will find a dog that resembles Adolf Hitler.


Dog Unattractive

Is this the world's ugliest dog? Sure, why the hell not.


Dog Skateboards

These 30 seconds of a Jack Russell terrier riding a skateboard are unaccompanied by narration, background music, or even any indication of where the activity takes place. It is pure skateboarding dog, and there's something about its simplicity than induces a zenlike state of bliss. But don't just take my word for it. Press play and transport yourself into half a minute of quiet reflection. You will emerge a much better person. And if not, maybe these glow-in-the-dark rabbits will hold your attention, although that piece is considerably more talky.


Scary-Looking Pig Really Scary-Looking Dog

"Chinese residents were left terrified after mistaking a pink-skinned stray dog for either an escaped genetically modified pig or a strangely coloured mini-horse." Yes, there is a photo.