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"Occupy My Condo"

In which we re-answer questions sent to The Ethicist.

I know of someone who has lived mortgage-free for three years while the bank foreclosed on his apartment. During that time, the man paid his monthly maintenance to the building but did not pay his mortgage. His rationale: He had been in the furniture business and lost much of his income with the financial crisis, and not one of the bankers responsible for the meltdown has gone to jail. And furthermore, as a result, his apartment was worth less than he paid for it. Does any of that matter? Is strategic loan default ethical? NAME WITHHELD

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Biology Professor Glad He Is Not Dolphin

"I have often thought, as I watched their complicated alliance relationships, that their social lives would be mentally and physically exhausting, and I’m glad I’m not a dolphin." —University of Massachusetts at Dartmouth Richard Conner talks Discovery's Jennifer Viegas about his study of a community of 120 bottlenose dolphins in Western Australia's Shark Bay. Male dolphins "engage in extensive bisexuality, combined with periods of exclusive homosexuality," and work in pairs, or sometimes trios, to "sequester and herd" individual females to mate with in mating season.