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Dick Diver, "New Name Blues"

Dick Diver – New Name Blues by fruits & flowersA sweet and languorous song; a track that won't offend your senses if you're tired, or just need to close your eyes for a minute or two.


"Dear Abby, When I Was A Young Man"

Part of a series about youth.

How exactly I came to write a "Dear Abby" letter from Dick Diver, the protagonist of F. Scott Fitzgerald's Tender is the Night, I don't know. When exactly I did it, I can't say. I discovered this overwrought, clicheful, usage-challenged soliloquy—for though it's addressed to an advice columnist, no question is posed, and no advice is sought—when I pulled the book off the shelf the other month, and I would really like to pretend that it's something I jotted down at, say, the age of ten. But I first read the book at fourteen, and it was my favorite novel on and off [...]