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Denmark Vessey, "Quit Smoking"

“And all this post-racism is killing me/I heard some hipsters saying ‘nigga’ real liberally/I know, some your best friends is niggas/Nigga, please…” —Detroit rapper Denmark Vessey's new song is about Gwyneth Paltrow. (No, it's mostly about smoking cigarettes. But Gwyneth Paltrow should definitely listen to it. It's really good.)


Denmark Vessey, "That One Thai Joint" (And A Couple Other Joints)

The rappers associated with the Detroit-based Crown Nation collective are probably best-known for their pothead music. (And, I don't mean anything negative by that. It's high-quality pothead music.) But Quelle Chris's partner Denmark Vessey chose a nom de microphone that carries more serious historical weight. It's a great, great rap name. And with hints of Mos Def in his voice and delivery, Denmark is living up to it well. That's his latest video, above. And his other stuff is definitely worth checking out, too.


Demark Vessey, "Team Dirty Piss"

Detroit's Denmark Vessey is not just good at catching beer bottles. He also writes and produces and raps rap music. His new song is sort of psychedelic heavy metal rap, with a video to match. Similarly weird and fascinating (actually, far weirder), Dave Tompkins, a leading authority on the weird and fascinating, writes about his experiences with the late graffiti/rap/art legend Rammellzee for the Paris Review.


How to Catch a Beer

Former Onion writer Andy Selsberg recently released a book with the lovely title You Are Good at Things. It has an attractive cover, too, and I'm interested in reading it. The excellent young rapper Denmark Vessey is releasing a video every week in a series he's calling "Leakly Weeks." And he is good at dropping beer bottles and then catching them in midair. "I caught the shit out of this beer," he said on Twitter.