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Both Ways Had

I suppose the only question I have left is whether or not deliberately quoting "a bearded, tattoo-covered 30-year-old who lives in East Williamsburg and sells $400 Japanese raw denim jeans for a living" provides enough of a knowing wink to offer inoculation against the cries of "trollery" you are so brazenly eliciting. I mean, it's a neat trick if it does, I guess.


Full-Denim Wardrobe Now Acceptable, Claims Magazine

You guys, there are "new rules of denim"! Now (March 18, 2010) "denim-on-denim is acceptable, provided you know what you're doing. (Yes, my April Details just arrived!) Yes, you me and Chris Pine and David Beckham and Bradley Cooper can wear the Canadian tuxedo. It's safe now. It's good. No, go on, you first. Also: "The easiest way to approach head-to-toe denim is to go for the chiaroscuro effect. Pair a chambray shirt with clean, inky jeans."