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Courtney Love At The Courthouse

In just three hours this afternoon, the jury returned a verdict—finding that Love was not guilty of defamation.

Rhonda J. Holmes, a San Diego-based lawyer, is suing Courtney Love for a libelous tweet and quotes she gave to two different reporters. A jury in downtown Los Angeles will begin deliberating on the case this afternoon. Holmes’ lawyers are asking for $8 million in damages.

Love hired Holmes in 2008 to assist in fraud litigation over missing funds in Kurt Cobain’s estate. The two formed a quick and intense bond. After a few months of digging around, Holmes confirmed one of Love’s long-held fears: Kurt Cobain’s estate has been systematically [...]


The Text of the "DSK Maid" Defamation Filing

Here's the complaint that the Sofitel chambermaid filed against the New York Post today. It's very short, and it only elaborates the Post's statements; it makes no mention of the paper's reporting or its attempts to verify facts, so they're not bothering to make claims of reckless disregard, going straight with defamation per se, which is… one way to do this. Hmm. Still I would say the defense is going to have an extremely hard time defending their assertion that her union assigned her to the hotel because she'd bring in the best hooker money there! Man! (via)


Redskins Owner Says He'll Sue Some Newspapers: How and Why?

Really quite terrible Redskins sports team owner Dan Snyder claims he is preparing to sue Washington City Paper over a particularly marvelous profile. But apparently they might also sue the Washington Post, for linking to it? "Snyder's attorneys contacted The Post last week and asked the newspaper to preserve e-mails between Post sports blogger Dan Steinberg and [Dave] McKenna," who wrote the City Paper piece. "The attorneys said they intend to explore whether there was any agreement between McKenna and Steinberg to cross-promote McKenna's pieces on Snyder." Dear lawyer friends: can you make some sense of that for us? We assume that is just setting up the [...]