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Who Will Rescue Time from the Physicists?

Lee Smolin thinks that time is real. If that strikes you as unusual, you haven’t spent much time with theoretical physicists, who tend to think that the passing of time is either an emergent property of the universe, or, perhaps, an illusion.

“Some of my colleagues suggest that time is an approximate description of the universe,” Smolin, a theoretical physicist at the Perimeter Institute, writes in Time Reborn. “A description that is useful on large scales but dissolves when we look too closely. Temperature is like this.” The reason that some physicists have rejected time, he argues, is that they have mistaken mathematical [...]


A Final Thought On Michael Jackson

Even though I'm someone whose cultural markers were being formed at pretty much the precise moment when Michael Jackson became the biggest entertainer in the world, I'm mostly unmoved by his passing. I mean, I "get" the outpouring of grief and chatter and the rest of it, but I don't really "get it." Or at least I didn't until I saw this "Achewood" cartoon. It makes a hell of a lot more sense now. At least I'm no longer worried that it's a left-wing conspiracy to overshadow Iran.


It Is For A Variety Of Reasons That October Is So Totally Awesome

Hooray! It’s October, which really is a terrific month. It seems to get better and better every year, October. (Or maybe it’s just that all the others get worse and worse, and maybe October does, too. But a bit less dramatically so.) A smarter, more contemplative person might note that as we get older we’re more inclined to appreciate stuff like falling leaves, and the slowing of nature’s life cycles. One might make a date to go walk in the woods somewhere, to take full advantage of this fleeting blip of pleasant weather we get before the gloom and bitter cold of too-short winter days afflict us all with [...]


What I Was Thinking During 'Tron'

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Could they make 3-D contact lenses for the movies? Or just put a big sheet of 3-D in front of the screen?less than a minute ago via TweetDeckJoe MacLeodJOEMACLEOD666

RIGHT? I mean some of us wear glasses at the movies, and wearing glasses on top of glasses is not a cute look. For starters. Also it's hard to turn to your neighbor and roll your eyes in those things. [...]