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Playing the 'Twin Peaks' Revival Odds

Normally, when one learns of the revival of a beloved intellectual property from prior decades, the only appropriate thing to feel in response is absolute dread. However, considering that the last half of the second season of Twin Peaks—except for the last episode—was a smoking wreck (and, according to most people, the movie was not much better!), the odds that the Showtime revival of Twin Peaks, coming in 2016, will degrade the series even further are only slightly higher than the odds that David Lynch and Mark Frost could in fact improve upon its standing. (Sylvester Stallone is a strange but true case study in this fact: His recent additions [...]


Man Likes Coffee

"Inspired by one professor's infectious enthusiasm for Emily Dickinson, Obsessed is a new HuffPost Culture series exploring the idiosyncratic, all-consuming passions of public figures and unknowns alike. Through a mix of blogs and interviews, these pieces will highlight the elusiveness of whatever it is you just can't live without — whether it's blue jays, Renaissance fairs or fan fiction — or, as in the case of David Lynch, coffee." —Internet, what is going on with you today?


Laura Dern Is Trying To Save David Lynch For All Of Us

"Slate: Your collaborations with David Lynch are well-known and well-loved. A website called the Awl recently ran an article arguing that you are the only one who can persuade him to return to directing [“Laura Dern Is Our Only Hope for Bringing David Lynch Back”]. Do you think there’s a chance you can convince him?

Laura Dern: Well, if there were any truth in it, then over fried chicken last Sunday that website should know that I’m doing my job.

Slate: Can you tell me anything else about it?

Laura Dern: That’s all I’m saying. I went into this rant [to him] about how profoundly important that is. If [...]


Fixing 'Dune'

Dune without dialogue: can this campy, disastrous movie be saved by making it more Kubrickian and less studio-messes-with-David-Lynchian?


New Werner Herzog Trailer

Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans isn't the only new movie from Werner Herzog. (And, really, I'd want to have another in the can once that first one came out too.) Here's the trailer for My Son, My Son, What Have Ye Done , a based-on-a-true-story thriller produced by David Lynch, which might explain the presence of the dwarf and Grace Zabriske. Anyway, this clip actually uses the line "the more you learn, the less you know," and reminds us that Chloe Sevigny was nominated for an Academy Award at some point. There's just so much going on!


David Lynch And Trent Reznor Pay Tribute To Pokemon Seizure Video

"The new Nine Inch Nails video for 'Came Back Haunted,' directed by preeminent auteur of the bizarre David Lynch, is a jittery, frantic assault on the senses. It even comes with a warning for epileptic viewers."


The Condition: The Eye That Never Blinks

I’m on the internet again. This is how I begin most days, any day, immediately upon waking pulling the machine against my body. I often sleep with the laptop on the bed beside me waiting, as well the last thing I touched before I stopped and tried to begin drifting off. The strobing eye of my MacBook Pro must be covered so as not to wink and wink its light against my face and keep me up.

I don’t even know what I want to look at most days ending and beginning the day in this way. The first and last things are almost always the same sites. Gmail, [...]


David Lynch's "On the Air," Episode One


David Lynch Drops New Single (I Know!)

Like everything wasn't weird enough already, now director David Lynch is releasing electronic music.


The Terror Of "Twin Peaks": His Name Is BOB

Myriad outrageous things occurred during the two seasons of "Twin Peaks" that aired on ABC in the early 1990s. A fish somehow got stuck in a coffee percolator, a sheriff's deputy knocked himself silly by stepping on a loose board, Sherilyn Fenn tied a cherry stem into a knot with her tongue. Verbal tics and regional dialects and odd vocal registers predominated. Dwarfs and doppelgangers spoke backwards. David Duchovny showed up wearing a dress. Many of these things came off as humorous, and each episode provided at least five or six chuckle-worthy moments—which, as offsets go, is only fair, considering that the David Lynch and Mark [...]


Things You May Not Have Known About 'Blue Velvet'

Huh! Megan Mullally was originally in Blue Velvet. Who knew?


Laura Dern Is Our Only Hope For Bringing David Lynch Back

The first in a series on collaborations that we now take for granted but initially made little sense.

Fans of David Lynch are accustomed, by now, to the half-decade wait. It took five years after Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me unjustly bombed out of theaters in 1992 before we received Lost Highway. Later, once Mulholland Drive completed its strange, tortured path to realization—from stillborn network teevee pilot for ABC to a New York Film Festival premiere!—Lynch’s IMDB page indulged another similar gap when it came to feature-length projects. That streak of inactivity was only broken when INLAND EMPIRE smeared its digital abstractions and idiosyncratic willfulness (all-caps title included) across [...]


David Lynch Wants You To Listen To Ariana Delawari

Director David Lynch has put together a promo for singer Ariana Delawari's Lion of Panjshir album, and, well, it is EXACTLY what you would expect from a David Lynch promo. Even Lynch's synopsis is Lynch-like!