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Le1f On Letterman

Hometown hero does hometown show. Ahhhh.


Briton Takes A Stab At UK History Quiz, Fares Poorly

Apparently British Prime Minister David Cameron did not exactly cover himself with glory when he appeared on David Letterman's show last night.


El-P Raps Live On Letterman

You know you're doing good when noted rap expert David Letterman exclaims, "You got something there." If this performance is any indication, El-P's new album, Cancer 4 Cure, will be something to get when it comes out next week, and the concert tour that he announced yesterday ought to be a barn-burner.


O, Letterman

I was going to watch this David Letterman clip because it had an Elinor Burkett joke but I only made it to Letterman saying "Anybody been in a cab in New York City? Well congratulations, you've cheated death!" and I was done. Late night talk show monologues! What is the deal with them!


Obama On Letterman

President Obama appeared on David Letterman's show last night in New York, marking the 327th television program Obama has stopped by during his first eight months in office. The interview is widely judged to have gone well, particularly since Obama did not make fun of retarded people at any point. After the show, Obama celebrated by prank-calling New York Governor David Paterson, repeatedly yelling "Loser!" down the line and then hanging up.


David Letterman Protest: Mouth Breathers Attack Mouth Rapist

New York sent a fella with a camera up to the protest at David Letterman's show yesterday afternoon, and the results are depressingly predictable. It's pretty much the fish-in-a-barrel situation you'd expect: the protesters are as ignorant and narrow-minded as anyone who'd willingly believe that Letterman's Sarah Palin joke was actually an endorsement of rape could be. Particularly enjoyable: the guy who is upset that Dave "made A-Rod into a pervert too" and the dudes at the end who pretend to mug down behind the woman who is yelling that Letterman will "rape [children] with his mouth."


"Late Show" Beats "Tonight Show" Post; It's That Kind Of Day

OMG David Letterman beat Conan O'Brien for the first time! "The Late Show" hasn't done better numbers than "The Tonight Show" in 8 months! Of course, Letterman had Julia Roberts as a guest while Conan only had Eddie Murphy. And NBC had the Stanley Cup finals, which ran late, possibly denting O'Brien's numbers even further. And everyone wanted to see more Sarah Palin-basing from Letterman. So it's still too early to panic. (Or, frankly, care.) But don't be shocked if Conan gets Hugh Grant to come on and apologize for kicking that paparazzo in the groin.


A$AP Rocky Meets David Letterman

I'm not loving all the new A$AP Rocky music so far. Of the two songs he performed on David Letterman's show last night, I definitely prefer the first one—the syrupy title track to his new album, LongLiveA$AP—over the hectic techno squawk of the second one, "Wild For the Night." But even if the stuff doesn't grow on me, or you, it's worth watching him start his rhyming while reclining on a golden throne (a nod to '80s great Big Daddy Kane.) And DJs Clark Kent and A-Trak cutting records behind him. And the lightning-quick fingers of producer Araabmusic as he types out the beats on an [...]


Bob Mould, "The Descent"

See now, Bob, if you had just done it like that back in 1991, we would have no problems.


David Letterman Is 65

David Michael Letterman turns 65 today. So much has already been written about his legacy that to say anything more would seem superfluous, so let's just mark the milestone by enjoying his dramatic turn in the 1994 Best Picture winner Cabin Boy.


Elements of Stale, with Luke Mazur: "Sorry"

I always considered David Letterman a sort of father figure. With two baby boomer parents, I basically have two moms: first, my dad who blogs and reads Sufi poetry and cooks with ghee and wears bright colors, and second, my mom, who is saint for signing up for this. And so, growing up I depended on late night talk shows for the little genderizing that actually happened to me. Letterman, his shoulder as cold as the notoriously freezing Ed Sullivan Theater, represented for me a sort of fucked-up machismo. Where you come to work hammered and laugh at your own jokes and swallow your ailments and anxieties and hurt so [...]


Florida Man Accused Of Throwing Galaxies At Teenagers

Pretty much the coolest thing humankind has ever built (sorry, pyramids), the recently refurbished Hubble Telescope, has sent back more awe-inspiring pictures from space this week. This one here is what it looks like when galaxies collide.


Letterman And Palin Settle Earth-Shattering Dispute (For Now)

David Letterman moved to draw a line under his "feud" with Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin last night-or was it just a way to extend the press coverage for another week?-offering a second apology for his recent joke about one of the Palin daughters catching pregnant. Well, I choose NOT to be cynical about this, because, really, enough already. So let's say it was a gracious apology for an unfortunate, lazy bit. Palin has accepted the apology, but, being Sarah Palin, she of course has to once again deliberately misinterpret the remark and festoon it with a tribute to our troops. Also, scarequotes!


Miguel Performs With Lots Of Smoke And A Bigger Light Show Than We're Used To Seeing On Letterman

The young singer Miguel, who we all falling for now, performed his song "Adorn" on Letterman last night. It's obviously indebted to Marvin Gaye's "Sexual Healing" and maybe Prince's "Adore." But this performance reminded me a lot of an old favorite from the excellent soundtrack to Walter Hill's ridiculous and wonderful 1984 movie Streets of Fire—Dan Hartman's "I Can Dream About You." Also, here's hoping Miguel's pompadour erases Bruno Mars from the world's collective memory starting today.


There Was Good Music On TV Last Night (And Also Some Bad Music)

Frank Ocean performed the song "Bad Religion," from his new album Channel Orange, with a string section and The Roots on "Late Night With Jimmy Fallon" last night. And on the "Late Show With David Letterman," Tom Waits performed "Chicago" from his ten-month-old album, Bad As Me. With his son Casey playing drums.


Whatta Week for the Mainstream Medias!

I think the Mainstream Media, whatever that is, has been doing a very good job reporting on the New York 9th District Congressman Anthony Weiner and his naughties. I’m kinda sick of hearing about it, but that’s my fault, because I consume lots of super-obvious Lowest Common Denominator News and Infotainments, where I have heard a kabillion-jillion things about Anthony Weiner from my teevee in the morning when I put the stupid TODAY show on and then in the bathroom, where I perform my morning ablutions in the manner of Pontius Pilate (one of History’s notable Public Servants), and I hear more about Anthony Weiner on the news programs [...]


David Letterman Knows the Truth: A Funny Man Gets to Sleep with His Staff

You know what happens when you try to blackmail David Letterman with the old news that he's slept with some women on his staff? He writes you a fake $2-million check and then you get arrested. That is because he is awesome. Here is an amusing video of Anderson Cooper looking very serious about this news. Oh my God, someone slept with someone at work? That has never ever happened in New York City before!


Old Hack Can Still Hack

There is this write-around David Letterman story as the cover of New York magazine this week, and it's worth reading so as to see a much-absent prose stylist at work: Peter W. Kaplan, once the scrappy television beat reporter for the New York Times. Let us turn the clock back to 1985!


Sarah Palin Will Defend, Exploit, Teen Girls' Honor And Self Esteem

I've been thinking a bit about the David Letterman/Sarah Palin kerfuffle that's kept both of them in the news this week, and I had sort of come to the conclusion that, you know what, Letterman was wrong.