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You'll Never Believe What Might Be The Next Pork Belly Or Kale Salad

"[R]ight now, if I had to wager on what might be the next pork belly or kale salad, I'd put my chips on bologna," says David Chang.


Elsewhere: Munchies

David Chang fans-and who isn't, really?-will enjoy the first episode of "Munchies," a new video series from the folks at Vice where famous chefs hit the town to drink and snack. Go now.


The Tao Of David Chang

"I try to do nothing. I don't know – I'm not trying to reach nirvana or anything, but doing nothing is awesome. I'm trying to do more of nothing. I wish I could say, 'Hey, I'm reading The Paris Review or crushing The New Yorker.' But you know what? That's not happening."

You may have missed this "Sunday Routine" piece with chef David Chang in this weekend's Times, but the sweary Momofuku impresario demonstrates once again why he could very easily add cult leader to his resume: I would totally follow this philosophy.