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America, In A Very Real Sense, Is Waiting All Day For A Sunday Night That Never Comes, Or, At Least, Comes Only For Those At The Top Of A Ladder They're Increasingly More Successful At Pulling Up Behind Them

When South Africa hosted the World Cup, the European Press was filled with denunciations of this choice, because surely “a developing nation” wouldn’t have the wherewithal to host an event of such status and magnitude. What does the thirty-four-minute blackout—caused by too much electricity—say about this country? Have we overdeveloped or are we actually undeveloping? Are we the player, so pumped up on steroids that we can barely squeeze out of their jerseys or are we the player so decimated by repeated blows to the head, we need help remembering the names of our family? We’re both: two Americas defined by structural inequality and the withering of the idea that [...]


Dave Zirin on the Situation of that Famous Golfer: Dubai, Chevron and Malcolm X

This should be just about the only coverage regarding the situation of that famous golfer in which we will indulge: Dave Zirin, the sportswriter for The Nation (yes!), on the actual questions one might be asking of said golfer.