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Film Demonstrably Superior

"There was more data pushed through on this film than on anything we've ever done." Data always wins. How else to explain Transformers $300 million opening weekend? The people demand data in all forms. So give them more data! Feed it through every available input.


Who Runs Olympic Sports? It's Men

Congratulations field hockey, you're the most progressive sport in the whole Olympic program.

That needs some clarification: It's not the sports themselves under scrutiny here, but the sports' governing bodies. The above graphic describes the gender makeup of the executive committees—the people in charge—of every sport in the Olympic program (London 2012 and Sochi 2014). That's summer sports on top, winter on bottom; men on the right, women to the left.

For example, starting at the bottom—we are in the midst of the Sochi winter games, after all—the World Curling Federation has seven men and one woman on its executive committee (you can mouseover each horizontal bar for specifics).


The Flip Video Story: 10 Years of Iteration, Fighting the Future and Selling Out

Pure Digital Technologies, Founded, San Francisco, 2001.


Action Films Quantified

Data journalism goes to the movies: Violence is on the rise in blockbusters. While the term is rather vague, 40 percent of movies in the entire set spanning 1975 to 2013 — and 70 percent since 2010 — were tagged with 'violence.' Let’s break that down into some of the tags that are typically found in violent movies.

Gore is down since the decadent days of the late 1970s, but murder is up. Here’s something interesting, though. The “murder” tag and the “blood” tag largely kept pace with one another through 2004, which is to be expected, as the former often leads to the latter.


The Two Brooklyn Neighborhoods That Got White Almost Overnight

The Fordham Institute analyzed the fastest-whitening neighborhoods in America between 2000 and 2010, according to census data. Brooklyn had four of the most-whitened zip codes of the top 25 most-whitened zip codes in all of America. We win!

And when you map it out, those four zip codes actually make up just two areas that are contiguous. I've combined them here on Google Maps.

• First: 11238 and 11205. That's Prospect Heights, essentially, to the south, and then where Fort Greene and Clinton Hill meet. Lemme tell you, I was right living right there in the middle, on the Clinton Hill/Fort Greene border, last week, and glorious Clinton Avenue [...]


Some Highlights of America's Troubles: 2009 v 2008

The news reports from today's release of the annual American Community Survey are all leading with how the median household income fell nearly 3% between 2008 and 2009. But there's so much more!

• "Self-employed workers experienced a greater reduction in work hours between 2008 and 2009 than workers in other types of employment. Workers who were self-employed in their own unincorporated businesses worked 66 minutes less per week in 2009, while those self-employed in their own incorporated businesses worked 49 minutes less in 2009."

• "Nationwide, nearly two in five renter households (42.5 percent) experienced housing costs that consumed 35 percent or more of their incomes."

• "The [...]


The Twilight Of The Tortilla: What People Really Order At Chipotle

Last week, I sent a Chipotle survey to 100 people. 64 of them responded. This is what they shared.

How do you order your Chipotle?

81.3% of people don’t know ordering online is the way to go.

How long do you wait for your Chipotle?

People don’t like waiting more than 10 minutes for the perfect lunch.

What form does your Chipotle order take?


Government (Accidentally) Seizes Schmancy Websites!

First they came for the hip hop websites, when Homeland Security seized the servers of popular websites OnSmash and RapGodfathers, due to "copyright" claims. But though that was a huge deal, the WHITE MEDIA couldn't sustain much interest or outrage. Now the government has come for the white people Internet, so attention will be paid! Last night, the FBI raided a data center that included hosting for Curbed, Eater and Instapaper, all of which cater to the iPhone and garlic scapes set, allegedly and supposedly in an attempt to grab info on some servers used by LulzSec, the "computer hacker group" who recently messed with PBS [...]


The Wikileaks Data: Where to Start

If you're going to spend the day digging in on the just-released 75,000+ reports from the U.S. military provided by Wikileaks, and why shouldn't you, you should start with their mirror site, as their main site has gone down due to massive, crushing fascination. But first! It's time to learn the Afghan base acronym list and figure out who's all fighting whom. Here are a few other ways to dip your toe in: what the data reveals about reconnaissance drones; how they show that "the Pakistani military has acted as both ally and enemy"; and, that old chestnut, where in the world is Osama [...]