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Last Straight Man In America Weirded Out By Gay Creep In "Skyfall"

A gay villain in a James Bond movie? The world has definitely changed since I started reading 007.

— HowardKurtz (@HowardKurtz) November 11, 2012

When ex-Washington Post media reporter Howard Kurtz greeted the world on Sunday morning with his uncomfortable feelings about the new James Bond movie, it only took professional Twitterer Jack Shafer two minutes to respond with, "You have bad gaydar." And this is probably true! How could anyone claim to have read the Ian Fleming books and not picked up on Ian Fleming's delightfully English combination of fascination/disgust with The Gays?

Besides, as the Twitter people quickly pointed out, [...]


Being James Bond Also Makes You Get Really Old, Very Quickly!

America's favorite British spy/murderer is back in the new blockbuster Skyfall, and once again we are all wondering what it is about playing James Bond that makes actors get very old almost immediately. Is it some kind of English curse? Just look at Daniel Craig. Yes, a very handsome man with very blue eyes and very pronounced biceps in a state of "perpetual plyometric engagement," but the dude is only 44 years old! He's six years younger than Tom Cruise, who still looks about 25. Anyway, this so-called English Curse That Makes Bond Actors Super Old is a real thing, which can be documented with photographs, so that is [...]


New Single Molecule Pictures Blow Insomniac's Mind

"We can see different physical properties of different bonds, and that's really exciting." —Dr. Leo Gross, an IBM scientist in Zurich, talks about why he likes Daniel Craig even more than Sean Connery. No. He's really talking about the fact that he and his colleagues recently published "single-molecule images so detailed that the type of atomic bonds between their atoms can be discerned." The pictures are amazing. The 13 atoms in this one molecule called a "fullerene" arrange themselves in a hexagonal shape that looks like a turtle (so, I guess that would be Timothy Dalton. Just kidding!) Or, if you're a religious person of the Jewish persuasion, [...]