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The Safety/Efficiency Trade-Off

"The Metro-North commuter railroad has a loose approach to safety that is evident from inadequate track inspection to poor training to employees' inappropriate use of cellphones, a federal agency said Friday. The Federal Railroad Administration said Metro-North, which connects New York City to its northern suburbs and is the nation's second-largest commuter railroad, had concentrated too much on sticking to its schedule," but if you have ever heard the way people in Larchmont piss and moan when the train is running thirty seconds behind you can sort of understand.


Go, Escaped Crocodiles, Go!

"Many of the crocodiles have been recaptured, but more than half are still on the loose." —Some 15,000 crocodiles escaped a crocodile farm in South Africa after the human owner opened the gates last weekend to prevent a storm surge during heavy rains. That's a lot of crocodiles! These lovable creatures have been unfairly besmirched by their association with horrible footwear in recent years, and also by two guys from San Diego who write some nice songs but are far too derivative of Glasgow's forever awesomer and underrated Jesus and Mary Chain.