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The Soul of America's Urban Park Machine

For a while I was spending every afternoon in Klyde Warren Park. I went there for the same reason everybody went there. I went there to be happy. Why else would you go to the park? I walked over on my lunch break, down St. Paul Street, past the gaudy Baptist church, past the Pearl Cup coffee shop, past the Dallas Museum of Art. I sat in the uncomfortable green metal chairs and I read books. Did I spend time at Klyde Warren Park or in Klyde Warren Park? Prepositions in this case make a difference.

I spent an afternoon with the old man who hands out the board games. [...]


Erykah Badu, "Window Seat"

Earlier this month, I wrote about Erykah Badu's performance of her new song "Window Seat" on the Jimmy Fallon show. In it, I noted that she was wearing an unorthodox outfit that revealed more of the shape of a woman's body than we usually see on network television. (For the record, I'm very much pro the shape of Badu's body; honestly, I like to see as much of it as I can.) As we learned over the weekend, we hadn't seen nothin' yet.


Skies Troubled

This time lapse video of a storm in Dallas conveys both the overwhelming awe one feels when confronted by the majesty of nature and the overwhelming joy one feels about not being anywhere near Dallas. [Via]


The Decrepit Beauty of Dallas

On a recent walk through downtown Dallas, I stopped to admire an old light fixture attached to an abandoned building. The streets around me, lined with weedy lots and architectural wreckage, were deserted enough to feel vaguely menacing. A car cruised past; its driver and I seemed to regard each other with the same wary suspicion. I returned my attention to the light. “Look at me,” it whispered, defiant and exhausted, “and try to tell me that the old world was not better than the new one.”

I wasn’t so sure, given that whatever good you want to say about the past, the fact remains that it [...]