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Curator Analyzed

You know who else was a curator? [Via]


Inside The "Riot Grrrl" Archives

An early issue of Girl Germs, one of the zines archived in the Riot Grrrl Collection at NYU’s Fales Library, is made of ten sheets of standard-size office paper stacked on top of each other, folded lengthwise, and stapled twice down the spine. With the fold on the left, so the surface is taller than it is wide, the sheets become a half-size book of 38 pages and two covers. When the master copy was made in the early 1990s, its pages were hand-pasted with illustrations, essays, and letters either torn from notebooks or cut to size, then photocopied into a small print run by Molly Neuman and Allison [...]


"Thunderdome" Unveils "National Curation Team"

"Digital First Media announced today that it is creating a national curation team as part of its centralized news operation. That operation, called Thunderdome, will be produced by Digital First’s MediaNews Group and Journal Register Company…. 'Providing context to everything we curate is vital to providing a comprehensive news report,' said digital projects editor Mandy Jenkins…. 'Successful curation… will entice many people to click through and read or watch more,' wrote Steve Buttry in a blog post. Buttry is the director of community engagement & social media at Digital First, and he pointed out some useful guidelines and tips for curators in the post. 'Effective curation boosts the experience [...]


Our Lives In The Post-CD Music Economy

"Mr. Gunn is neither a DJ nor a computer programmer. From his studio apartment in New York, the 32-year-old musician does a job that essentially didn't exist a few years ago. Music "curators" make mixes that serve not just as primers on broad genres or eras, but as soundtracks for increasingly narrow slices of the human experience, from romantic heartbreak to a bad day at the office. Professional playlist makers are suddenly in demand as the post-CD music economy reshapes itself."


OMG, It's Curator Nicolaus Schafhausen!!!

Curating is so, so hot right now. Hence our weekly guide to curators! Collect them all! (Haha, GET IT?)

This week's "OMG" curator of interest: Nicolaus Schafhausen.

Born in: 1965.

This just in: became artistic director of the Kunsthalle Wien in June. (That's Vienna, silly!)

Hot news: also just appointed curator of the Bucharest Biennale 6!!!

Former posts: Director of Witte de With in Rotterdam, founding director of European Kunsthalle in Cologne.

Fancy gigs: Curated the German pavilion for both the 52nd and 53rd Venice Biennial.

Fun fact: Founded a gallery in Berlin with a friend that they named after their mothers!

Not afraid of: the commercial side of artistic [...]


"1980 to Now" at MoMA

After you go visit the really terrific Alighiero Boetti show at MoMA, which I love, and after you see his ("his") tapestries and thingies on the second floor, don't forget to sneak through the surprisingly expansive second-floor galleries, which are showing a kind of semi-show, a kind of rotating collection-display they're calling "1980 to Now." Apparently at some point they'll like, reinstall it and update it or whatever. This is sort of better than being like "here are some recent things that people gave us!" But it's also kind of a curatorial nightmare, because you're making a declaration about, well, 1980 to now.


The Museum Of 9/11 Golf Balls, Terrorism Sweaters And World Trade Center Knives

Pinnacle Anniversary Tribute Golf Balls

In most suburban homes, you wouldn't be surprised to find an array of dusty objects—pencil sharpeners, empty milk bottles, skateboards, air fresheners and perhaps a Mr. Potato Head—tucked into corners of spare bedrooms. In Andrew Marietta's house, in Cooperstown, New York, this stuff shares a common theme: September 11, 2001.

Marietta is the owner of one of the world's largest private collections of September 11 memorabilia. Stored in boxes scattered around his home are 1500 to 2000 objects originally produced by companies to commemorate the event. Many of these items are strange in their ordinariness: Marietta's collection includes not just plaques [...]


This Is 2012

Crowdsourced artisanal porn, curated.