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Crow Carnage In Canyon County Ruffles Feathers

Police officers from Caldwell, Idaho, are facing criticism for not properly disposing of the corpses of the crows they have shot to death in the line of duty. On the days when I feel as though I have finally had enough of this city and it is time for me to move somewhere more sedate and less congested it is incredibly helpful to see stories like this that let me know what the rest of the country is actually like. Don't make me go there, I promise I'll be good.


Suburbs Also Stultifying For Crows

Young suburban crows are stunting their growth by eating junk food; scientists blame their lazy parents.


Do Not Mess With A Crow, Because It Won't Forget

It's not just me, this is creepy, right? "Crows remember the faces of 'dangerous humans,' with the memories likely lasting for a bird's lifetime. Crows may scold people who threaten them, bringing in relatives and even strangers to mob the person. The crows within mobs then indirectly learn about the person, so they too associate that individual's face with danger and react accordingly."

Photo by Ingrid Taylar


Maybe Crows Are Not So Bad After All

"Crows mate for life, have one brood a year, and the siblings help raise the crowlets. If a spouse dies, a nephew or niece helps out. During the spring mating season, the families live separately; but during fall and winter, the families all roost together. They begin congregating in the early evenings, pick a staging area, shift areas, and join other families, their numbers increasing logarithmically, hundreds and thousands of them, flying like a blizzard, and says a researcher, great confusion is evident. They somehow converge into a single roost, talking continually on into the night. The noise they make is three-dimensional." —Over at The Last Word on [...]