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Crocs Climb Trees

"Dinets and his colleagues observed crocodile species on three continents—Australia, Africa and North America—and examined previous studies and anecdotal observations. They found that four species climbed trees—usually above water—but how far they ventured upward and outward varied by their sizes. The smaller crocodiles were able to climb higher and further than the larger ones. Some species were observed climbing as far as four meters high in a tree and five meters down a branch."

–Pictured: a crocodile that has climbed a tree.

Photo by Kristine Gingras


Elephant Battles Crocodile

Who will prevail in the titanic struggle between pachyderm and reptile? CLICK PLAY TO FIND OUT.


Germany Besieged by Alligators, Crocodiles and Neo-Nazis Today

"More than likely if you encounter a gator and it is your first time seeing one you are going to panic. You may feel threatened, and you may want to run or paddle wildly." So writes kayaking expert Victoria Adams in a recent post about kayaking in alligator territory at Inflatable Kayak Blog, which someone should translate into German. Really, it should be translated in as many languages as possible. It's very enjoyable: "What do you do if you encounter an Alligator on your trip? 1) Do not panic! Just leave them alone! And Don't Feed Them!…" (It is always, always funny to end the sentence "Do not panic" [...]


Go, Escaped Crocodiles, Go!

"Many of the crocodiles have been recaptured, but more than half are still on the loose." —Some 15,000 crocodiles escaped a crocodile farm in South Africa after the human owner opened the gates last weekend to prevent a storm surge during heavy rains. That's a lot of crocodiles! These lovable creatures have been unfairly besmirched by their association with horrible footwear in recent years, and also by two guys from San Diego who write some nice songs but are far too derivative of Glasgow's forever awesomer and underrated Jesus and Mary Chain.


Alligators Should Have Their Own Week On the Discovery Channel

"On the rare chance you do find yourself or a loved one clenched in the teeth of a crocodilian, experts say fight with all your might. 'Smack them and punch them in the nose, eyes, and head, and fight them with everything you have,' said Todd Hardwick, owner of the Pesky Critters trapping program. 'Most of the time they'll let go and move off.' And remember, experts say, crocs and alligators are just trying to do their part for the ecosystem. 'Crocodilians are top-level predators. They keep other populations healthy by stopping them from overpopulating,' said Hord." -Discovery reporter Julienne Gage reveals her preference for alligators and crocodiles [...]


In Italy, The Mob Really Does Feed You To The Crocodiles

A little late on this, but it's still good: Police in Naples seized a crocodile an alleged mobster had been using to terrorize victims into paying protection money. The crocodile, discovered living on the man's terrace, "was placed in the care of Italy's forestry service," which sounds like the worst punishment of all.


German Beaver Is Master Of Disguise

"For days last week, officials in a German city deployed rubber dinghies, divers and even helicopters in search of an alleged stray crocodile. Now the authorities in Schwandorf believe the reptile was really just a beaver."


Sozzled Aussie's Attempted Crocjacking Goes Awry

A drunken Australian, having been ejected from a pub in Broome, Western Australia, for being intoxicated by even the heroic standards of Prison Island, decided to visit the local crocodile park, where he scaled the fence and attempted to ride a giant saltwater crocodile named Fatso. Fatso, however, was reluctant to be ridden, and took a chunk out of the man's leg. Deciding on reflection that it might not be the most propitious occasion for an excursion atop a crocodile, the fellow returned to the pub from which he had been cast out, "with bits of bark hanging off him and flesh gouged out of his limbs." He was [...]


Hank the Crocosaurus Dead at 47

The Summer of Death is a heartless season. On Saturday, staff at the Miami tourist attraction Jungle Island found the two-ton, 20-foot-long, crocodile known as Hank the Crocosaurus dead at the bottom of his pool. As reported in the Miami Herald, Hank died a bachelor; his only companion was a five-pound turtle named Frank.