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The Creative Class Is Moving To Bloomington, Indiana This Summer

Two years ago, we told you that the creative class was bailing out of the big cities and setting up shop in Moscow, Idaho. It went pretty well! This year, Summer Commune is organizing to take place in…. Bloomington, Indiana, for the month of July: Home to Lil' Bub the cat, record labels JAGJAGUWAR and Secretly Canadian, the famed Kinsey Institute, and John Cougar Mellencamp, Bloomington, Indiana feels hidden away although it's pretty centrally located. It's far enough from the city to feel like farm country, but close enough to a major airport to make getting there super easy.

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30th Nightmarish Shark-Faced Drug Sub Scuttled!

"When reports first surfaced in the 1990s of boat builders making submarines for cocaine smugglers in the jungles of Colombia, U.S. law enforcement regarded them as a comic curiosity. Today, with the disclosure that the U.S. Coast Guard has intercepted its 30th semi-submersible in less than six years, the vessels are now seen as a troubling tactic." —Troubling indeed! These 30 drug subs are just the ones the Coasties and their allies have busted!


Shipping Larry

"X-Factor" successes One Direction (now busy making money for Simon Cowell) have a fan base that, if you are not the parent of a tween, you might not believe. A Directioner can identify the place and time that any photo of the band was taken. They know which interviews an animated GIF comes from, and they analyze these interviews with the diligence of Biblical scholars (or conspiracy theorists). Directioners speak in British accents and use British slang in their blog posts (“favorite” becomes “favourite”; the “boys” are “lads”). They create elaborate images of how they picture their backyard gardens—if they were to live with any of the boys [...]


Richard Ford's Freezer

Well, I started writing the book 20 years ago. I wrote 20 pages and then I set it aside. I am sort of a comer-backer, anyway. But I took this bag of notes and put it in the freezer compartment of my refrigerator. The story was already called Canada and I knew it was about a 16-year-old boy going across the Canadian border to Saskatchewan. I didn't know why he was going there. I didn't know why two parents would have abandoned him, but over those 20 years I would get a little idea about how a person would get in that situation, and write it down and [...]