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I Should Have Stopped At "EDM Brunch"

"Libation's EDM Brunch offered 7½ hours of electronic dance music with a side of eggs. Partygoers typically arrived in the early afternoon, some wearing glowstick-festooned headbands, sunglasses or bracelets, and by 2 p.m., tables around the club were littered with used napkins and half-finished mimosas. The breakfast burrito and fruit plate garnered rave reviews. Andi Cross and Lex Houser, the hosts of the party and the owners of Bad Kids Clothing, a line of EDM-inspired gear, danced and mingled with their guests. They hail from Philadelphia, a city with a less robust club scene. 'This party is bananas,' said Ms. Cross, wearing a foam banana suit. Standing behind her, Ms. [...]


Metaphor Unsuitable

"Is a steak sandwich bad for your health? Absolutely. Does caramel ice cream taste so good that it induces cravings in some people? You bet. Do sweet, fatty foods like Crack Pie light up the same pleasure centers of the brain that are activated by addictive drugs? Sure—in rats, at least. And yet food is not like crack in several significant ways."


True Harrowing Tales of Book Publishing!

This is a really terrific essay by Alex Shakar, who was set up to be the Hot New Un-Sad Literary Young Man ten years ago with his first novel, when Bill Clegg got him $300,000 (or more?) from Robert Jones at HarperCollins. Pub date: September, 2001. Guess what happened! That's right: Jones died and Clegg, soon enough, went MIA in a crackhouse. Oh also some other stuff I guess.

Part of the purpose of a large advance, I understood, was to gain a book publicity. But I told nearly no one. Instead, for weeks, I did math in my head. I subtracted my agency’s cut and divided the [...]