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Courtney Love, "You Know My Name"

God, we're doomed to keep relitigating the '90s forever, aren't we?


Courtney Love, "99 Problems"

Would you like to watch Courtney Love playing an acoustic-guitar cover of Jay-Z's "99 Problems" at the Sundance Film Festival in Utah this past weekend? She doesn't do my favorite part, the third verse, when Jay-Z outsmarts the cop who pulls him over. But this is better than you might have imagined it would be.


Making Sense of Courtney Love When She Makes No Sense

"Documents were scattered all over the room, and Love shared dozens of these documents with the reporters-property records, financial statements showing money being transferred from Love's account to other people's accounts, payment receipts, signatures she said were forged. The reporters huddled around Love's laptop and viewed a private website that served as a database for all of these documents, which she'd been collecting as evidence. Love would show them a document on paper or online and then say something like: 'Isn't it weird that [So and So's] signature is on that?' She did a lot of Googling, too, mostly of names and property addresses listed in the documents. This went [...]


Happy Mother's Day, From Courtney Love

Remember that time your mom went on currently-broken Twitter in the dawn hours and wrote you an embarrassing and sort of malevolent self-help book? I mean sure, your mom has definitely done some kooky stuff in her time, but this is a very strange thing to do, to broadcast to the world a personal, underminey, shouty, passive-aggressive letter via a format that's hard to type. GOD, WHAT IF YOUR MOM DID THAT TO YOU?


Artistic Feuds Of Our Times, Doled Out In 140-Character Increments

In the latest example of the technology of 2010 shining too bright a light on the private lives of people who make songs we think fondly of, former collaborators and alt-rock titans Billy Corgan and Courtney Love are engaging in a feud via Twitter. Billy: "maybe you should go someone nice+live off your husband's money, u know the money he made for writing all those great songs." (And some vaguely spiritual things.) Courtney: he coughs up this spiritual shit like bile and lives none of it, i really think its truly creepy how jealous and obsessed w FBC he isGROSS" (And a ream of supportive messages from fans.) [...]


Courtney Love At The Courthouse

In just three hours this afternoon, the jury returned a verdict—finding that Love was not guilty of defamation.

Rhonda J. Holmes, a San Diego-based lawyer, is suing Courtney Love for a libelous tweet and quotes she gave to two different reporters. A jury in downtown Los Angeles will begin deliberating on the case this afternoon. Holmes’ lawyers are asking for $8 million in damages.

Love hired Holmes in 2008 to assist in fraud litigation over missing funds in Kurt Cobain’s estate. The two formed a quick and intense bond. After a few months of digging around, Holmes confirmed one of Love’s long-held fears: Kurt Cobain’s estate has been systematically [...]


Don't Ever Say "Courtney Love" Three Times While Looking in a Mirror

This weekend's walk-about with Courtney Love in the Times was both excellent and at the same time fundamentally indistinguishable from any other long-form profile of Love written in the last twenty or so years. There is a simple and straightforward reason for this. Courtney is the Dorian Gray of the American celebrity-industrial complex. Her public face shows us exactly what we want to see, while her private face is revolting (and even aging) and seeing the two in close proximity unsettles the viewer on an almost biological level. There's no denying that Love can be personally unpleasant; a former co-worker who went on to be Courtney's assistant [...]


Courtney Love Live: The Train That Never Really Wrecks

Hole has been touring hard this summer. The band is now in Minneapolis, then heading for Japan, then playing some west coast dates. Early on, the words "disaster" were being used-but by the time they got to Texas, the reports we were hearing were "amazing." Our chief Chicagoland correspondent reports in.

I woke up early the morning that the tickets for the Hole concert went on sale just in case the show sold out. The idea of seeing Courtney Love-a for-real rock icon-live made me freak out. I didn't bother to make plans with friends to see the show; I assumed that I'd know a handful of people [...]


The Best New Thing You Haven't Heard Of This Week: Seth Colter Walls and Maura Johnston On The New Newness, Strange Jazz, And The Semi-Return Of Hole

Seth Colter Walls: Maura, has it been a good first third of 2010, music-wise? What were the highlights? And what depressed the shit out of you? Maura Johnston: 2010 has actually been a great year for music. So far! And there's more to come!! Seth: Really? Because I've felt slightly… underwhelmed. (Though I'm glad you are confirming that the rest of calendar year 2010 is still to come.) Maura: Well, I know the whole existence of the future has been a cause for worry recently. But I am optimistic!


Courtney Love Brings Back 1994 A Little

Courtney Love is giving it [Ed Note: "it" being her career, in this instance.] another go, releasing a new Hole album, with a whole new band (hey!), through Mercury/Island Def Jam in April. She went on the British TV show Friday Night With Jonathan Ross last week, and debuted a new song, "Samantha," that sounds somewhat like something that might have been left off Hole's classic 1994 album, Live Through This. Which means it sounds better than much of the music she's made since, but also makes you wonder who wrote it and when.


Courtney Love Adds Her Special Brand Of Danger And Empowerment To Luster Of Fake Smokes

If someone had tapped you on the shoulder in 1994 and said, "I am from the future. Twenty years from now the president will be black, David Spade will still be on TV and Courtney Love will be selling electronic cigarettes," you would have assumed they meant "in person, on the street," with that last one, right?


Courtney Love Covers "Bad Romance" Last Night



Courtney Love's Return To Form (Non-Music Division)

Was last night's three-hour, hiccup-filled Hole show in Washington, D.C., the best concert ever or a complete trainwreck? "Of the nearly 30 songs (or song fragments), not even a handful were completed without some minor disaster," reports the Washington Post's David Malitz — although there are commenters claiming that the show was great! There's much, much more; my favorite bits are about the attaché of Courtney Love's who was onstage shooting the show with an iPhone for the entire night.


Last Night: PEN Gala, Hole

Last evening, Marisa Meltzer and Doree Shafrir went to the 2010 PEN Literary Gala at the American Museum of Natural History and then made their way to Terminal 5 to see a performance by the rock group Hole.

Doree: I feel like last night was sort of a quintessential weird New York night. I had so much fun.

Marisa: Me too. I was sick all weekend And then I was like, "Oh, I'll just go out and have one glass of wine. Maybe two!" And then I ended up having like six and getting home at 3 AM.

Doree: And next thing you know you're at a party [...]


Courtney Love To Sue Everyone Maybe

Demon-love-magic-goddess Courtney Love has caught up with the identity thieves that have apparently been robbing Kurt Cobain's estate blind for most of the 00's. Now she is going to sue them all, says her lawyer. Isn't it neat when the evil people you imagine are stealing everything from you actually turn out to be real? There should be a German word for that. Also there should be a German word describing why your lawyer announces these things to the press. Normally, you just sue someone! Not announce you're going to sue someone.