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Courtney Barnett Sings Some Stuff

The only possible reason I could ever conceive of wishing I were Australian is so that I could say, "Courtney Barnett is a national treasure." I mean, otherwise, gross, the idea of being Australian. But good for them for being the country that gave the world Courtney Barnett. Here she is doing some songs for NPR.


Courtney Barnett, "Being Around"

A little late to this one, but it is absolutely delightful and God knows we could all use even the littlest bit more delight in our lives, especially today—especially any day, given the way our lives are. Anyway, Courtney Barnett, who it says here was the happiest discovery of 2013, takes a crack at a Lemonheads track and the result, as I believe I may have mentioned before, contains within it a not inconsiderable volume of delight. Enjoy.


Courtney Barnett, "Avant Gardener"

A tad tardy to this one, but she is Australian so here in this hemisphere the video qualifies as practically new, right? Just agree with me, it's easier. Okay so, I want you to stick with this one all the way through. You will spend the first minute or two checking all the references she either intentionally or unknowingly makes, and then you will find yourself focusing on the video for a little bit and then small stuff will jump out you, like the way Prison Islanders pronounce it "pseudo EFF-a-DRIN" then, almost imperceptibly, the song will get under your skin until suddenly it's over and you're all, "Huh, [...]