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Who Will Rescue Time from the Physicists?

Lee Smolin thinks that time is real. If that strikes you as unusual, you haven’t spent much time with theoretical physicists, who tend to think that the passing of time is either an emergent property of the universe, or, perhaps, an illusion.

“Some of my colleagues suggest that time is an approximate description of the universe,” Smolin, a theoretical physicist at the Perimeter Institute, writes in Time Reborn. “A description that is useful on large scales but dissolves when we look too closely. Temperature is like this.” The reason that some physicists have rejected time, he argues, is that they have mistaken mathematical [...]


The Very Best Tweet of 2012

Putin says the world will end in about 5 billion years, when our sun turns into a white dwarf.

— Ellen Barry (@EllenBarryNYT) December 20, 2012

You know how when you wake up early in New York, your Twitter is all London? Well, if you wake up earlier, your Twitter can be all Russia. Time zones! How and why do they work. Sometimes I think I should get off Twitter for good—this past horrendous week, I've certainly thought that quite a bit. But then comes a tweet, from Times Moscow bureau chief Ellen Barry, that restores my faith in the whole point of this bizarre way we [...]