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Poisoning Charge Vis-A-Vis'd

"An article of 18 June (‘Operation death: the doctor who faked his results’) reported that Dr Edward Erin, who was previously convicted of trying to poison his lover to induce a miscarriage, had been further convicted of attempting to pervert the course of justice after asking a former cellmate to kill his ex-mistress and her child. We would like to clarify that, while that claim was made by the former cellmate, the conviction was based on Erin’s attempt to undermine the original case against him vis-à-vis the poisoning charge."


Who Citi Bikes Are For

"A picture caption on Saturday with an article about the use of Citi Bikes as part of New York City weddings rendered the name of a bride incorrectly. She is Tuesday Addison-Sampson, not Addison Sampson."


Three-Legged Pit Bull Least Confusing Part Of Correction

"An article last Sunday about the 3-Legged Dog theater company, which has overcome many problems because of its technological innovations, gave an incorrect amount from the company for its annual budget. It is $3.5 million, not $2.5 million. The article also misstated part of Aaron Louis’s title when he was with the company. He was producing director, not managing director. The article also misstated the Joyce Theater’s role in the dance-performance piece 'Deepest Man,' by James Scruggs. The Joyce is not a producer on the piece, though it is scheduled to run there in May. In addition, the article quoted incorrectly from comments by Kevin Cunningham, 3-Legged Dog’s executive artistic [...]


I Can't Imagine How This Mistake Happened

"Ray Charles was once a guest at New York's Carlyle hotel and was prepared an off-menu steak by the staff at 3 a.m. An article on the hotel in the September issue of WSJ. Magazine incorrectly said it was Stevie Wonder."


The 8-Hour Year Sounds Kind Of Dreamy Right Now

"A headline for a report in The Week column on Tuesday about Kepler-78b, a planet discovered 700 light-years from Earth, misstated the period of time covered by a single rotation of a planet around its sun. Because Kepler-78b orbits its sun in a little over eight hours, it has an eight-hour year, not an eight-hour day."


Candidate Vastly Less Interesting After Correction

"An article on Monday about a recall election facing Colorado lawmakers who supported gun-control legislation referred incorrectly to one of the Republican challengers expected to face John Morse, the State Senate president, on the ballot. The candidate, Bernie Herpin, is a former city councilman, not an author of erotic novels. (Jaxine Bubis, a novelist turned politician, has dropped out of the race.)"


"The Late Leonard Cohen" Sounds Like A Leonard Cohen Song

"An earlier version of this article referred incorrectly to Leonard Cohen. The well-known singer-songwriter, musician, poet and novelist is very much alive; it is not the case that he is 'the late Leonard Cohen.'"


Wacky Piece Has Wacky Corrections

"An earlier version of this post contained a quotation attributed to Lenin ('Socialized medicine is the keystone to the arch of the socialist state') that has been widely disputed. And it included a quotation attributed to Churchill ('Control your citizens’ health care and you control your citizens') that the Journal has been unable to confirm. Also, the cover of a Maclean’s magazine issue in 2008 showed a picture of a dog on an examining table with the headline 'Your Dog Can Get Better Health Care Than You.' An earlier version of this post incorrectly said the photo showed and [...]


The Saddest Spot In Manhattan

It turns out the saddest spot in Manhattan is not Hunter College High after all.

Photo by Ed Yourdon, via Flickr


Trade Misidentified

"An obituary on Sept. 20 about Hiroshi Yamauchi, the longtime president of Nintendo, included a quotation from a 1988 New York Times article that inaccurately described the Nintendo video game Super Mario Bros. 2. The brothers Mario and Luigi, who appear in this and other Nintendo games, are plumbers, not janitors."


TechCrunch: Journalists Or Startup Shills? You Decide

In late July, we ran a piece looking at a website called Elite Daily. Around the office, we'd been calling the story "Who Is Eddie Cuffin?" That's because one thing that had captivated our attention was the bylines of Elite Daily's writers, which, the more we looked, turned out not to be real people. So Eddie Cuffin is not "the most interesting man in the office," as per his Elite Daily bio, because he does not exist.

The more we looked, the more we disliked the site. We talked about this in the piece, and that whole fake writer thing, and that the site itself glamorized a grotesque version [...]


There IS A German Word For That

"A picture caption last Sunday with an article about Hollywood’s yearning to turn more movies into Broadway hits misstated the given name of the actor who played the title role in a German theatrical production of 'Rocky.' He is Drew Sarich — not Darsteller Drew Sarich. ('Darsteller' is the German word for actor.)"


Simpler Times Misremembered

"The TV Watch column on Thursday, about a 'Today' show appearance by Paula Deen, who lost her cooking shows after she admitted using racist language, misstated part of a comment by Bill Clinton in a reference to other public figures accused of wrongdoing. In 1998, responding to accusations that he had had an affair with Monica Lewinsky, Mr. Clinton said, 'I did not have sexual relations with that woman,' not 'I did not have sex with that woman.'" —God, remember 1998?


Messin' Around With The F Word

"An article on June 6 about the Bushwick Open Studios event in Brooklyn misinterpreted a statement by the artist Juniper Alcorn in the process of paraphrasing it to eliminate an obscenity. Ms. Alcorn says that the vulgarity in her manifesto means that she is a feminist who messes around, not that she 'sleeps around.'"


Bad Man's Wife Good Mom

"Because of an editing error, an article on Oct. 12 about the increasing isolation of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel, especially when it comes to his insistence that Iran completely halt its uranium enrichment program and that there be no halt to the economic sanctions against Iran, described incorrectly the criticisms that many Israelis have voiced about Mr. Netanyahu’s wife, Sara. While her purported temper has been widely faulted, her child-rearing methods have not."


N Superimposed Over Y Much More Complicated Than You'd Think

"The City Room column on Oct. 1, about the New York Yankees logo, overstated what is known about the logo’s origins, based on information from the ball club’s Web site. While the logo was designed by Tiffany & Co., the designer is unknown; it was not necessarily Louis Tiffany. The column also misstated Mr. Tiffany’s middle initial. He was Louis C., not Louis B. And the column, using information from the Police Department, erroneously attributed a distinction to John McDowell, a New York City police patrolman who was shot in the line of duty in 1877 and honored with a medallion containing what would later become [...]


Nipples Corrected

"A previous version of this story incorrectly quoted Dropbox co-founder Drew Houston saying 'anyone with nipples' instead of 'anyone with a pulse.'" —In this case, the Internet is right, it IS a pretty great correction. Here's how it read originally: "Instead of cursing his luck and taking a nap, however, Houston started coding a version of what would become Dropbox’s signature folder, the portal to an app that magically holds and syncs the same files on every computer and mobile device where you install it. He soon saw that what he was making had the potential to be useful to everyone. [...]


Charles Manson Is Not A Metrosexual

"An article last Sunday about the documentary maker Morgan Spurlock, who has a new film out on the boy band One Direction, misstated the subject of his 2012 movie 'Mansome.' It is about male grooming, not Charles Manson."


Paella Recipe Now Less Starchy

"A recipe on July 17 for Paella of the Sea misstated the amount of rice required. It is four cups, not four pounds."


If You Were Having A Hard Time Ordering Your Human Nest Here's Why

"A listing last Thursday with an article about nests built for human habitation misstated the Web address for Jayson Fann, who builds such nests. It is"