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The Problem of Coolness, Solved

"Despite assertions that coolness sells products, little is known about what leads consumers to perceive brands as cool." ~ Caleb Warren and Margaret C. Campbell, "What Makes Things Cool? How Autonomy Influences Perceived Coolness," forthcoming in the Journal of Consumer Research.

A brief summary and analysis of the study's findings:

Although researchers do not agree on a specific definition of coolness (Dar-Nimrod et al. 2012; Kerner and Pressman 2007), a canvas of the literature reveals agreement on four defining properties. One, coolness is socially constructed. Cool is not an inherent feature of an object or person but is a perception or an attribution bestowed by an audience (Belk, Tian, [...]


Arcade Fire Web Video Thingy Totally Worth It

I have to say, this film project for The Arcade Fire for "The Wilderness Downtown" totally was worth downloading Google Chrome to appreciate. Warning: sit back and relax, because it's going to open and close a lot of windows in a scary way. This is a really excellent case of musicians finding ways to work with image-makers, achieving results that really suit their style and intentions.


'Prometheus': So There'll Be Flip-Flops in Space?

"Full disclosure: something about really cut girls really clunks up the screen, and the same goes for really cut boys. Most of the budget for Prometheus went for weight-training; even a gazelle like Charlize Theron looks like she was up on a treadmill all day between takes wearing a do-rag while like, field recordings of Sean Penn yelling played on her iPod." Some short stray thoughts on Prometheus, scifi and "cool."


America Is The Coolest, Say People Who Have Not Been Paying Attention

Remember that kid in high school who played by his own rules and flouted authority at every turn but still managed to get good grades and was the one everybody, even the teachers, secretly wanted to be? The one who could be counted on to do the right thing when it really came down to it? Well, even though he has spent the years since letting himself go, spending money he doesn't have and generally doing everything he can to sabotage himself, people still think he's cool. Man, the rest of the world must really suck.

Photo by Jim Pruitt, via Shutterstock