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Happy Kurt Cobain Day

"Aberdeen, Washington, the home town of Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain – a place he once mocked as 'Twin Peaks without the excitement' – is holding its first annual Kurt Cobain Day on Thursday. Celebrations will include the unveiling of Cement Resurrection, a full-scale statue of Cobain by local artist Randi Hubbard, at the Aberdeen Museum of History. Local band Gebular will play a set expected to contain a number of Nirvana covers. And cupcakes, cookies and light refreshment will be served, according to mayor Bill Simpson."


15 Recipes for Your Enormous Christmas Cookie Tray!!!

They say that admitting you have a problem is the first step to overcoming it. But what happens when you have no intention of changing, even after admitting that you have a problem? Sure I have a problem, but I rather like my particular brand of lunacy. It results in things like what we’re going to discuss today and I think we can all agree that what comes from this dark place is something no one is going to object to. (TO WHICH NO ONE WILL OBJECT, FINE.)

So here goes with the admission, and oooooooh man, even by my standards this is bad: for a few years now I’ve [...]


Half Baked: Snow Day Cookies

It is absolutely no fun out there, unless you're a kid I guess, because kids, like, don't feel weather the way that we feel weather I AM TOTALLY CONVINCED OF THIS. Right? When you were a kid all you needed was a snowsuit and a pair of Freezy Freakies and you were all set to stay outdoors for ten or so hours. Now? The two and a half Midtown blocks between my office and the subway might as well have been a day spent in Pine Barrens chasing a drunk Russian.


Disgusting Thing Briefly Offering More Disgusting Options

"If you are going screw with an American Classic in such a pandering manner, at least have the guts to do so in a truly revolutionary fashion." —This could probably be said about anything, so you won't exactly be shocked to see what the subject is, but I sometimes wish we could save the outrage for something that really deserves it, like honey-flavored bourbon.


Emily Gould & Emma Rathbone Make Strawberry Wafer Cookies

In the latest installment of what is somehow the Internet's only cooking and book chat show, Emily Gould chats with author Emma Rathbone about her new book, The Patterns of Paper Monsters as they bake cookies reminiscent of supermarket strawberry wafer cookies.

Cooking the Books is directed by Valerie Temple and shot and edited by Andrew Gauthier. You can see all the Cooking the Books episodes here or even subscribe via iTunes. Previously: Doogie Horner Makes "Gettin' Laid Lemonade," Emily Gould and Tao Lin Make Raw Salad, Jennifer Egan makes macaroons.


Striking Cookiemakers Vindicated For Now

You are probably unaware that workers at the Stella D'Oro Biscuit factory in the Bronx have been on strike since August, when the private equity firm that purchased the company in 2006 refused to bargain with their union on a new contract. Yesterday, an administrative law judge with the National Labor Relations Board ordered their reinstatement, plus payment of back wages.


Milanos Are Garbage, Verona 4 Life

“Consumers are always looking for new ways to satisfy similar needs. Generally most people between lunchtime and dinnertime start to look around for a little something to snack on, and generally in the afternoon that need is satisfied with a sweet treat. It also comes back after dinner, several hours after eating. Generally the sweet snack world exists in those two places. The human condition is not a new one, right?” Greatest article ever is about Pepperidge Farm cookies.


Do Want: Oscar Cookies

Aww, Best Picture nominee cookies in Chelsea. I do not see one with a Jew beating someone's head in?