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Newspaper Explains Itself

Five million in venture funding to the first person who can tell me the difference between "navigating" the news and explaining it, or analyzing it or contextualizing it or just writing it correctly in the first place. The poor news, all these things being done to it, maybe we should let it rest for a while. It must be tired! Anyway, The New York Times has opened its own explainer site, The Upshot, and somehow it's not maddening at all. Maybe a little teacherly, but at least it doesn't seem to hate us.


How to Contextualize

The best part of this ABC News story about "Craigslist killer" Phil Markoff:  Gay Talese is referred to as  "an author who writes on the sex trade."


The 50 States, In Order

50. South Carolina 49. Utah 48. Delaware 47. Mississippi 46. Alabama 45. Texas 44. Virginia 43. Indiana 42. Connecticut 41. Idaho


Why we need newspapers, a continuing series.

"The Washington Post reported in its online editions Saturday night that Obama's daughters chose the name Bo for the pup because first lady Michelle Obama's father was nicknamed Diddley. The name for the dog was an apparent reference to the singer 'Bo' Diddley."


Kelly Clarkson Is Jackin' For Beats

"No one's gonna be sittin' at home, thinking 'Man, Ryan Tedder gave Beyoncé and Kelly the same track to write to.' No, they're just gonna be saying I ripped someone off." Kelly Clarkson is pissed because her new single, "Already Gone," uses the same musical track as Beyonce's springtime hit "Halo." Turns out her collaborator, producer Ryan Tedder, really did sell the same track twice. Clarkson didn't hear the Beyonce song, she says, until too late. Her point: "It sucks." But she needn't be so upset.