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How Conservatives Should Talk About Hip Hop

"Conservatives who talk that way don't just forfeit the chance to influence the social norms surrounding the genre. They reinforce the perception that their views are shaped by little more than cartoonish stereotypes. One needn't dig deep into obscure rap albums to find 'human feeling.' Multi-platinum singles will do. Try 'December 4th' by Jay Z or 'Stan' by Eminem. All across America, kids are listening to rap lyrics that resonate with them more than anything else in their lives, capturing the way they feel about their absent father or the bliss of a long afternoon spent in the park with friends or how parenthood changed their perspective or the effect [...]


Wow, That Is A Lot Of Stuff To Read

The 2011 edition of Conor Friedersdorf's list of the year's best journalism is out, and a few of the selections might be familiar to you. Or not! But don't say you don't have anything to read now.