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The Perils of Assuming That the Flying Rodent on Your Porch Is Dead

People drop things on the Internet and run all the time. So we have to ask. In this edition, ESPN the Magazine Senior Editor Megan Greenwell tells us more about being attacked by a bat that seemed to be dead but was really alive like crazy.

Always nice to have someone waiting for you to come home at night. My someone is a bat who plays dead on my stairs, then flies at my face.

— Megan Greenwell (@megreenwell) August 28, 2014

Megan! So what happened here?

I live in Hartford, Connecticut, in a huge house built in 1920 and since subdivided into three [...]


The CBGB Bathroom Moves Out To The 'Burbs

Installation artist Justin Lowe will recreate the everything-encrusted bathroom of the defunct Bowery club CBGB at Hartford's Wadsworth Atheneum next month. The bathroom will be one part of an installation that has a "classic werewolf transformation scene that plays out metaphorically throughout," which makes me wonder if he's going to somehow trigger the smells of that infamous loo so as to make people get all howling-at-the-moon mad. Fun fact: Lowe was born in 1976 — three years after the club opened, 30 before it was shut down and replaced by a clothing store-slash-venue for intimate Axl Rose shows. [Via / Pic via]


When a Hot Cop Pulls You Over

People drop things on the Internet and run all the time. So we have to ask. In this edition, writer Ruth Graham tells us more about what it’s like to be pulled over by a highway patrolman sent from heaven.

Just got pulled over by an absurdly hot cop, and he let me off with a warning. #usa

— Ruth Graham (@publicroad) July 4, 2014

Ruth! So what happened here?

It was the 4th of July, and I was driving alone from my house in rural New Hampshire to join my very best friends at our summer rental in the Catskills. We have [...]


Did Rival Give Vietnam Story To The 'New York Times'?

With speculation about Connecticut Attorney General Richard Blumenthal's "misstatements" about his military record focusing on the question of whether he did it to make himself look better or whether he was just crazy enough to believe it, the more interesting part of the whole thing, to me, is the role of Republican Senate candidate Linda McMahon's campaign (McMahon is in a primary race with former Rep. Rob Simmons) in giving the story to the New York Times, which broke it on Monday evening. As you will recall, the McMahon campaign reposted a story on her website giving her credit for feeding the information to the Times, [...]


The Most Special Victim: Law and Order's Sneaky Attack on Christopher Meloni

Twitter greeted last week's "Law & Order: SVU" with mostly unbridled glee. "#SVU with the victim from New Canaan… REPRESENT!!" cheered @TotesMagotesMG3. "Law+order Svu episode about new Canaan kids yoloing and havin to go to rikers for pullin down their friends shirt made my night," confessed @BernbabyBern268. "Damn these rich little high school students from New Canaan CT are going to Rykers," observed @EyezWydeShut. Alas, sighed @bginns: "Not a good night for New Canaan."

New Canaan is my hometown. It’s where I went to high school, worked on the school paper with Merrill Garbus and ran cross country, terribly, until I realized girls were an [...]


Vietnam STILL An Issue In American Politics

Rough sledding in Connecticut for Attorney General Richard Blumenthal, the presumptive heir to the Senate seat Chris Dodd is being forced to vacate at the end of his term. Last night the Times dropped a major bomb on the Democratic AG, accusing him of misstating his military service during the war in Vietnam. (After several deferments Blumenthal joined the Marine reserves, ensuring that he would not be sent overseas.) Throughout his subsequent career as an elected official, Blumenthal has often referred to his military background, in some cases using language that indicated he had been in the war, in other cases making it deliberately clear that he remained [...]