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The End Of Comments

"Internet comments have long been a conundrum. Like communism, they’re great on paper but not so much in practice. Done right, publishing comments can drive discussion and increase reader engagement. But more often than not, publishers have seen their comment sections devolve into a free-for-all in which decorum and even social norms are tossed aside in the name of some grievance, real or perceived. That’s why a small but growing number of publishers are turning their backs on the entire notion of Internet comments." —Quick question: How do you feel about Internet comments? Do you still leave them? Do you even read [...]


Today Only: The Awl Is Auditioning New Commenters!

Just a reminder to all denizens of the Internet that we are finally holding auditions for new commenters today. It's been a long time since we had any open commenter slots, but with some recent turnover in the commenter market, today's the day!

Interested? We're looking to fill the following commenter positions; apply within!

1. Master or mistress of puns, in-jokes, memes and general nonsense. This commenter serves to set the tone for all other commenters, by running normal comments through a random word generator, as well as making jokes about Tumblrs with fewer than 200 followers and things seen on other sites that we don't read. Commenter [...]


Web Commenters Get Fancy New Title

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@mikkipedia We have ombudsmen. They are called commenters.less than a minute ago via Twitter for iPhoneNick Dentonnicknotned

You know what, you guys? I consider you all my obudsmen too. And my ombudsladies; I love me some ombudsladies. Anyway, you're all buds! Congratulations on the promotion.


Keith Richards Calms Everyone Down

We've seen that the least vigorous discussions tend to be about ageing rock stars." — Mike Thelwall, head of the Statistical Cybermetrics research group in Wolverhampton, Britain, discusses recent findings that online social networks are driven by bad behavior. "Negative emotions accelerate the number of messages sent by users, in turn generating social groups from nowhere, says Thelwall. A single post can quickly generate a community of feeling if it is provocative enough."


Under the Bridge: The Side Benefits of Troll Culture

The problem with making the Internet safe is that it would necessarily make the Internet the same. That's the reason Facebook creeps people out: it tries to impose a uniform user interface on the existing heterogeneous online experience to make it appear homogenous, and in so doing actually transform the culture into one where everything is the same. In an op-ed in today's Times, Julie Zhuo, a product design manager at Facebook, goes further, proposing that non-Facebook content providers standardize their approach to anonymous commenting to rid the Internet of trolls. (Or hey, maybe they could just use the Facebook commenting system!) But what would the Internet be [...]


Kansas City Awl Commenter Party!

The Kansas City Awl-Commenter Shindig is this week! Yes. IN AMERICA'S HEARTLAND. Right next to its breadbasket and up from its armpit. It's this Thursday, July 22nd, 7:00 p.m., at Dave's Stagecoach in Westport. Your hosts petejayhawk and Art Yucko will be there. Possibly on their own.


Someone Got 'The Daily Show' in My Jezebel and Together They Taste A Little Weird

Perhaps you've heard that there's been some… disagreements between certain feminist blogs and The Daily Show recently. If not, let me recap! A couple of weeks ago, Jezebel's Irin Carmon (a hand-to-God Real Journalist, with non-blog bylines!) wrote a piece examining what she termed The Daily Show's "Woman Problem." She largely defined the show as being a hostile environment for women as evidenced by the perennially low number of female correspondents and the testimony of some named and unnamed sources. The piece didn't really go too far, other than apparently being widely linked on Facebook. Olivia Munn, the Daily Show's but-one-month-old lady correspondent may or may not [...]


Commenter Really Into Alcohol

"Reading articles like this I often wonder if I'm alone in drinking because I … like the taste of alcohol. I don't find getting drunk all that pleasant or a good social prop (quite the opposite, I hate making a fool of myself because drink has dulled my social reactions). Because of its depressant effect I find I drink less when I'm feeling down than when I'm feeling good. I drink because I don't know of anything nicer than a rich red wine or port on a winter's evening, or a crisp, mineral white wine on a summer's day. I love the complexity and sharpness of a good IPA and [...]


Your Donations Made A Difference

From commenter fenkalevobocek in Your Donations Are Off to Madison:

This is amazing. I started reading Gawker when I was an undergrad at NYU, and I've been reading The Awl since it started, and that supply list is the same one I've been looking at on the office wall for the past week. I'm a TA and union member at UW-Milwaukee, and I've been in Madison working with my union & my sister union at UW-Madison as much as possible since all of this started. To come home from a long day at the Capitol and see this post, to know that list probably came from either the [...]


Tonight! You're Invited! Boston Awl Readers to Drink, Possibly Mate

Drinks are on you tonight in Boston, the town where the drinks are always on you! The Boston Bawl v.2.0—a casual holiday party thrown by Awl readers for Awl readers—is scheduled to begin at 6 p.m. tonight, at the Green Street Grill (in their downstairs bar), which is located, unsurprisingly, at 280 Green Street, Cambridge, Mass. Questions? Talk to your cohosts, Garge and BoyOfDestiny.


This Friday: Awl Readers Drink Themselves Silly in NYC (New Venue!)

Alert! Code red! This coming Friday's Awl reader's party, a party thrown by readers for readers, also known as the Awl Hawliday Bawl, has a change of venue! We hope you will join us there. (Yes, you!) So the new venue for Friday, December 10, is the Ella Lounge, at 9 Avenue A, which is located, unsurprisingly, between 1st & 2nd streets. Why? Let us tell you!


Los Angeles Awl Bawlers Will Be Awl Bawling At Tomorrow's Awl Bawl Tomorrow In Los Angeles

A reminder to Angelenos and those who happen to be in the environs: Tomorrow night marks the Official Awl Los Angeles Commenting People's Good Times Jamboree Get-Together, hosted by DeepOmega and Natasha Vargas-Cooper (credit the multi-talented Ms. Vargas-Cooper for the astounding graphic that accompanies this post). In any event, it's called for 7 at the Dresden, which some say is in Hollywood but others will argue in that typical LA way that makes New Yorkers seem laid back is in a TOTALLY DIFFERENT NEIGHBORHOOD ALTOGETHER. See you there! (I mean, I won't see you there, obviously. LA makes me itchy. But those of you who are there [...]


Chicago Awl Bawl! This Sunday!

HEY CHICAGO! Your hosts Tyler Coates and Maura Johnston would love to receive you at 11 a.m. on Sunday, at WestEnd, on Madison west of Racine. Location chosen due to its 11-minute walking distance from the Pitchfork Festival! Time chosen so no one has to miss Best Coast!


Tonight! It's the Washington D.C. Awl Bawl Meet-Up!

Come one, come… well, I can't think of a good pun there? Anyway! Tonight in Washington D.C.! People are coming together! At the Looking Glass Lounge! 3634 Georgia Avenue NW! After 5:30 p.m. and onwards! There will be bourbon balls.


Black People Incoming! Miami Beach on Max Lockdown!

You may remember how last Memorial Day, Miami Beach police officers gunned down black tourists and seized the cellphones of anyone recording the cops in action. (Spoiler: the shot bystanders, ignored for a full year now, are suing!) Well, Urban Beach Weekend is back again this weekend, and the city is ready! They've installed a "one-time" DUI checkpoint, some watch towers, scanners that record everyone's license plates, some "light towers," some road blocks—and a whites-only bridge. Oops sorry, "residents-only" bridge. (Ahem: "tourists will be given the impression that they can’t get in.") Let's look at some notable quotables from the Herald today, which are likely [...]


The Gawker Commenter Day of Rage

You know, with the redesign of any web property comes reader outrage, anger, threats of leaving and even some actual leaving. That's normal! Sometimes it's effective in shifting an audience, or getting a new one. Sometimes it's good for the community to have its say, and work it out on its own. But the comments on this Gawker post are not, I don't think, par for the course for a website after a redesign.


Drinks Are On Us* Tonight!

Many of your fellow Awl readers would be delighted to drink with you this evening at the Ella Lounge, at 9 Avenue A, from 6 to 10 p.m. You look like you need a drink!

* By "on us," of course we mean "mostly down our shirts." Not like, as in "we're paying for them"! That's crazy.


The Boston Bawl 2.0: Save the Date of December 16

While you are already perhaps saving the date of December 10 in New York City (6 to 10 p.m., at the Gallery Bar, 120 Orchard Street) for a reader-sponsored Hawliday Bawl, perhaps you live in the greater Boston area! If so, our apologies, but here: Boston-area Awl readers are throwing a party for Boston-area Awl readers.


Save the Date: Party in LA on August 10

You are cordially invited to save the date of August 10th, 2010, for the Official Awl Los Angeles Commenting People's Good Times Jamboree Get-Together, hosted by DeepOmega and Natasha Vargas-Cooper (yeah yeah, buy her book, etc.) and our other many fine friends of Los Angeles. August 10th! At The Dresden in Hollywood.


Russian Outfit Protests Supermarkets, Capitalist Machine

You may remember the rather terrific Giant Russian Penis escapade, designed by the art agitprop outfit War, to torture the Russian Federal Security Service. Now (or as close to "now" as we can tell from the slow migration of news from Russian Livejournals), they are protesting supermarkets. The translation goes something like this: "Food in Europe became a privilege and not a right of every freeman. And we, War art-movement, are waging a war with this infernal system till the very last cog of the Capitalists machine will be torn out." Commenters at English Russia are torn on whether the protesters are "dirty smelly hippies," [...]