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Are Twitter, LinkedIn And Facebook Worth Anything?

TWC goes to Comcast. This chart helps put it in to perspective.

— James Gross (@James_Gross) February 13, 2014

That chart above went around a bit last night, with the news of the purchase of Time Warner by Comcast for $45.2 billion. It compares the "market value" of LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and Google v. the "market value" of CBS, Viacom, Disney, Comcast and Time Warner Cable. You know, the new establishment v. those stupid old dinosaurs. Hmm, how else could we compare these companies?

Oh right, how about by that crazy out-of-fashion metric: by the money they make? I made you a chart! Here's that [...]


Are You Getting Hosed by Your Internet Provider? Yessir!

Most New Yorkers will be happy to hear that, on average, Time Warner delivers 91% of promised internet upload/download speeds. Not terrible! Those of us who have AT&T as our Internet provider, however, should all be signing on for a class action lawsuit—although the results of this FCC survey of actual deliverables will not be a surprise to any of us who've benchmarked our speed and found it sorely, wildly lacking. And is anyone surprised that Comcast Cablevision (good morning! Things that start with "C"! More coffee please, interns!), a thoroughly terrible company (check the immense Cablevision archive at Consumerist, for starters!), comes out looking so terribly? (Related: [...]