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Extermination Alone

The dust was everywhere. It nestled into crevices of wood and fabric, into the plush fur of bears and tigers and dogs and rabbits and indeterminate species of stuffed toys. It settled over dried flowers: Red roses burnt black, white carnations leavened into dusky repose. Candles, curved faces flush with saints and saviors, towered in ashy, extinct clusters. Gusts coughed up low, dirty clouds through which visitors shuffled, trance-like. A town of prairie dogs peeked up and around from their burrows of the stuff, surveying the shrines and memorials, eye-level with the human feet and ankles and shoes and sandals and boots. Buses, climbing an adjacent grade, wheezed into chalky [...]


Bear Dodges Car Theft Rap

A bear cub broke into a car in a Denver suburb but became trapped when the door shut behind it. One of the responding officers ("The bear," notes the report, "was as surprised to see the deputies as the deputies were to see the bear") opened the door and the bear bolted off… probably to plan his next heist. It's revolving-door justice out there in Colorado.


Candlelight Vigil Planned For Innocent Bull Elk Murdered By Cops

"A candlelight vigil is planned to remember the life of a bull elk that was shot and killed by an on-duty Boulder police officer who has since been placed on administrative leave." —Apparently it's no longer okay for cops to murder an elk that was peacefully hanging around.


Colorado's Persistent Bear Problem

A Vail woman fought off a bear by throwing a decorative pillow at it. The story does not end on a happy note for the bear.


The Improbably Fascinating Story of the Ski Industry and the Media

This tale about Ski magazine, and the Summit Daily News, and how reporters have run afoul of The Big Scary Ski Industry, and how their publishers have tossed them under the snowdrift (hmm, eh, sorry), is really amazing. Including, one editor at Ski wrote an unhappy note to the staff, while agreeing to remove a published story, that said: "My understanding is that we're not in a position to stand up for free speech at the expense of dough right now…."


On The Bear Beat In Aspen

"The moment a bear is rewarded by figuring out there's food in these funny boxes we live in, you can't build a door or a window that will keep him out," says Colorado Department of Wildlife spokesman Randy Hampton. It's been a bear-filled summer in the Centennial State: Since July, Aspen alone has received over 400 calls from citizens who have spotted the animals nearby. This video, from Denver Fox affiliate KDVR, is kind of amazing. The bears are everywhere. And they're growing smarter by the minute. Unlike the journalists who cover them, who have been inspired to utter such profundities as: "Aspen has become a zoo [...]