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Cocteau Twins' Guy's New Music Sounds Like Cocteau Twins

"It would be a little odd if it didn’t remind people of Cocteau Twins," says Cocteau Twins guy, whose new band Snowbird has another track streaming here. You are not gonna BELIEVE what it sounds like.


Elizabeth Fraser Is 50

Does Elizabeth Fraser have the most beautiful voice in popular music? On most days I'd say yes, so on this day, which is her birthday, it would seem churlish not to reaffirm that opinion. Above, a track from what I controversially but correctly identified as her band's best album in an earlier post. Below, her (and possibly anyone ever's) greatest supporting performance. Happy birthday Elizabeth Fraser.


Cocteau Twins Guy Is 50

Robin Guthrie, guitarist and co-architect of one of the most distinctive-sounding bands in the last quarter of the last century, turns 50 today. I am just going to go ahead and say that Heaven or Las Vegas is my favorite Twins album, and all of you "earlier, more difficult" people can suck it. Anyway, happy birthday Robin Guthrie.