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Guess What's On Those Shiny Screens?

You know what else is covered in doody? Yes, everything. But especially whatever device you happen to be reading this on right now. Here are some tips for cleaning it, but be honest, ten seconds from now you are going to eat your lunch over it and then the cycle will start anew. Why bother? My theory is if you leave the dirt there eventually you will develop some kind of symbiotic affinity with it. Yes, that is how I justify grime and indolence. What, you think you're better than me? I've seen you blow your nose in your hands and [...]


Psychologist Is All, Do Whatever With Your Desk, We All Die In The End Anyway

"Are you the type who keeps your desk clean and tidy, or are you among the crowd that has a desk that appears disorganized? A new psychological study suggests that both styles have strengths and benefits. Working at a clean and prim desk may promote healthy eating, generosity, and conventionality, according to new research. Then again, research also shows that a messy desk may confer its own benefits, promoting creative thinking and stimulating new ideas."


Why Do the French Hate Paper Bags So?

Kathryn Ireland, a Los Angeles-based decorator, said she brings stacks of brown paper bags from her local Trader Joe’s to her house in France.

Why? To remove wax from tablecloths, of course. (Running a hot iron over a bag laid on top of the tablecloth draws the wax out.) For while the French believe in long, candlelight dinners, they “don’t believe in brown paper bags,” Ms. Ireland said.

Meet some freaks. (Though none quite as freaky as our own clean freak and definitely less helpful.)


How Dirty Is Your Kitchen?

Would your apartment pass the city's restaurant inspection test? Of course not. You live in filth and even if you make an effort at tidying up every now and again the fact remains that here in New York City a thin layer of doody covers all, even the actual doody you do your best to step over as you move around town. Your surfaces play host to an orgy of bacteria, where the grossest of germs satiate their sick desires in a frenzy of deviant pathogenic passion. At night when you sleep the rats and roaches come out and dance a dervish of delight on your countertops as [...]


People Get Different Things From Drinking

"You know how sometimes you come home after a few drinks and have a strange, overwhelming urge to clean everything?"


Science Explains Why We Are Racist Against Black

MC Serch was right. It was a white guy that started all that. And that white guy's name was… Felix Unger! Scientific American reports on a recent study asserting that the metaphorical association of white with "good" and black with "bad" has at its roots the human desire for cleanliness: "The colors white and black have carried layers of moral meaning since long before Americans' infatuation with cowboys and automobiles. Indeed, some scientists believe that our conception of blackness and sin may be entangled with a fundamental and ancient fear of dirt and contagion that remains deeply wired in our neurons today."


Why Is America Turning To Shit?

Toilet in Uganda, by Sustainable Sanitation.


My hand stayed on the bathroom door handle, unwilling to twist the knob that would let me in. Behind me was the hum and chatter of an art opening—this was at a now sadly departed radical Chicago cultural center called Mess Hall. On a table nearby were offerings of hummus and home-made brownies. Nearly everyone else was chatting and oblivious to my plight, but I could sense at least one other person impatiently waiting behind me. Then I went in, and, inside, next to a perfectly serviceable modern flush toilet seat, was a five-gallon bucket of [...]


How To Wash Your Hands

"There has been a lot of research about the optimal duration in a health-care setting, such as a hospital. In community settings, however, the evidence is a little less clear. But we currently recommend scrubbing all surfaces of your hands for at least 20 seconds. Singing two 'Happy Birthdays' takes about that long."