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Human vs. Citi Bike: New York's Secret Struggle

Every evening, around 6:30 or 7:00, I look out my window near the corner of Atlantic Avenue and Henry Street in Brooklyn and watch as people riding Citi Bikes approach the end of their commutes. One after another, I see them slow down, disembark, and prepare to deposit their bikes in the Citi rack that sits directly in front of my building.

Some of these people get lucky, parking their bikes within seconds and heading happily toward home. Others—those who stayed late at work, perhaps, and thus arrived on the wrong side of the evening rush—encounter devastating disappointment, as they realize that the one or two open slots [...]


What Citi Bike Is Like

"You know it’s not good for you. But it’s going to be around on the weekends." —Citi Bike compared to a bad romance.


Citi Bike Victims

"Another pal of Bloomberg's griped in a May 1 email about a Citi Bike station placed directly outside his daughter’s tony Greenwich Village co-op. The dad, whose name was redacted in the email, told the mayor that his daughter was aghast at the 39-bike station situated directly outside her apartment at 175 13th St… 'She’s not going to be happy as she loved her apt and street and might choose to sell it now at a much lower value,' the dad wrote. The email also included his daughter’s written grievances, which noted the station limited the movement of traffic and [...]


The Citi Never Sleeps (And Never Stops Tagging Your Citi Bike Racks)

Citi Bike stations come to the East Village, graffiti ensues. God bless the East Village for still being a little East Villagey.


Who Citi Bikes Are For

"A picture caption on Saturday with an article about the use of Citi Bikes as part of New York City weddings rendered the name of a bride incorrectly. She is Tuesday Addison-Sampson, not Addison Sampson."