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Ars Longa, Cindy Adams Longa-er

Who can sit through eight-hour movies today? My patience won’t last that long. Neither will my bladder. Just when the killer is about to get apprehended, I’m in the can… I couldn’t stay longer than “Wolf of.” I never saw the part that went “Wall Street.”

— Today brings an already-classic Cindy Adams column, in which the 83-year-old (who's written a column for the New York Post since the year Phnom Penh fell and Patty Hearst was released from prison and Sid Vicious overdosed) beefs about the length of movies.


Cindy Adams, I Love You

Remember newspapers? Remember Cindy Adams? She writes a sassy gossip column for a newspaper, the New York Post, that is available online, but because Cindy doesn't do Gossip Girl recaps, she doesn't get a lot of link love on the Internet. Which is too bad, because 80-year-old Cindy, it turns out, is still awesome.

I was reminded today that she still exists because I had lunch at a Manhattan coffee shop and spotted a crumpled copy of today's New York Post near the front counter. I know – how sweet, right? Some elderly person probably brought it in and left it behind. I grabbed it and sat down to read [...]